NORWAY – 1863, 8s rose stamp – worth $1,200

8s rose stamp is an attractive and highly collectible Norwegian philatelic item. This is a definitive stamp that entered a postal circle in 1863. Designed in rose colour, it features … Read More

NORWAY – 1922, 20o Deep violet Lion Rampant stamp – worth $1,481

In 1922, a new design was introduced, the Lion Rampant. 20o deep violet is one of the first issues of four stamps that are characterized by the Roman script “NORGE” … Read More

NORWAY – 1896, 10 øre Postfrim stamp – worth $2,369

Postfrim 10 øre stamp is one of the classic Poshorn stamps introduced by Norway Post in 1896. The design of this issue was created by German architect Friedrich Wilhelm von … Read More

NORWAY – 1906, 30ØRE on 7 skilling red brown stamp – worth $3,217

7 skilling red brown is one of six definitive lower-denomination Norwegian stamps issued between 1872 and 1875. This item features a crowned Post Horn, with the denomination numeral in the … Read More

NORWAY – 1856, Oscar 4 sk blue stamp – worth $3,965

Oscar 4 sk blue released in 1856 is one of the greatest Norwegian issues. This is a definitive stamp that displays the left-facing profile of King Oscar I who was … Read More

NORWAY – 1877, 3øre shaded Posthorn stamp – worth $4,617

3 øre shaded Posthorn issued in 1877 is one of the first stamps from this well-known series and one of the most interesting varieties as it is shaded. The item … Read More

NORWAY – 1911, 1Kr light green “King Haakon” stamp – worth $5,924

1kr light green King Haakon stamp is a very interesting issue by Norway Post. The stamp shows the Prince Carl of Denmark. He accepted the role of becoming the first … Read More

NORWAY – 1871, 2sk Posthorn blue stamp – worth $5,327

2 sk Posthorn blue stamp issued in 1871 is one of the rarest Norway stamps with a low denominations. The stamp design is made in blue colour and like other … Read More

NORWAY – 1855, 4 sk blue Coat of Arms stamp – worth $7,927

4 sk blue Coat of Arms is Norway’s first stamp that was issued on the 1st January 1855. It depicts the National Coat of Arms – a Lion with the … Read More

NORWAY – 1855, 4sk Blue used block of 39 stamps, (“Trondheim” block) – worth $1,700,000

“Trondheim” block is the largest known multiply of the first Norway’s postage stamps. This impressive philatelic item was discovered at Trondheim’s Central Railroad Station, affixed to a parcel of documents … Read More