Why do people misuse IPC 498a ?

Legal Extortion " When marriage is on the brink of Divorce, she finds no better weapon to harass her husband and in-law than 498A. Women will blackmail her husband and in-laws and coerce them to fulfill her demands or else she will file a false complaint against them. The husband knows that the law indiscriminately favours the woman and so he agrees to her selfish demands.

Pre/extra marital Affairs " She marries to satisfy her parents without disclosing her past. When the husband finds out about her affairs, she then files a false dowry case to blackmail him.

Domination " Wife wants the husband to abandon his parents and siblings, so that she can have total control over his finances and social behavior, including his life-style.

Custody - Deny the father and his family access to their child(ren).

Fraudulent Marriages - Many times girl's family will not disclose actual facts of their daughter, at the time of marriage. Such facts, if known by the groom, the marriage would have never taken place. And when the husband stands his ground, the girl and her family begins their legal extortion.

In-Laws - When modern women are unable to adjust with her in-laws, when they find it difficult to dominate her husband and make him dance on her tunes, she goes for filing a false dowry case.

Consider a person who works extremely hard to make his career in this competitive World. Then he marries a beautiful and innocent looking wolf who drags him to court. There he is bound to lose all dignity, child custody and above all 50% of his income. He is forced to give out all his savings and family's investments to this woman. Using his money, the wolf teaches to the child that his/her father was bad. Despite feeding the child of fathers' money, the child, believing the wolf's teachings, begins to hate the father. He has nothing to look at when he grows old.

This is nothing but sheer cruelty. Extreme disaster and an unending mental trauma. Apart from this I've seen men being ditched by various girls before marriage. In cities it is common that girl have many boyfriends. And they choose the richest among them for marriage. Rests are ditched. And few weaker among them commit suicide. Says Amit Agarwal, an victim of 498A.

Out of 100 cases that are ordered for investigation under 498A, only in 2 cases the accused get convicted.

''People generally use this law to facilitate divorce. And often, it's the lawyers who advise the women to implicate their in-laws under the provisions of this Act,'' says Shantosh Singh, chairperson of Women Welfare Counseling Cell. Often, the number of items given in dowry is inflated to claim a high settlement amount. "There are only 10 per cent cases based on truth, and people usually come to us and ask specifically to mention the element of dowry in their divorce petitions," says Amrikh Singh Kalra, advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Women mis(using) laws to get even ?
NEW DELHI, Oct 18 (PTI) "Laws against violence at home may or may not have come to the rescue of battered women, but some of them have been accused of abusing them to get an easy divorce or settle other little domestic disputes.
[Souce: http://www.tribuneindia.com/1999/99oct19/nation.htm#7 ]

According to the available statistical information from the National Crime Records Bureau and information available from NGOs working with victims of violence, there is a general tendency to avoid seeking redressal among the victims of domestic violence. However, when a victim of domestic violence seeks help from any of the agencies, be it family, friends, NGOs, or lawyers, before registering a complaint, at each stage she is asked to reconcile the matter or to put up with the situation. Reconciliation in 498A cases takes place at every stage including the police station, Crime against Women Cells and courts.

We found that in five cases filed under Section 498A the parties settled the matter after agreeing on maintenance and divorce.

In a majority of the cases before a victim filed the complaint under Section 498A, the minimum period she suffered physical and mental torture, was for about three years.

The trial process is quite lengthy and the proportion of pending cases is quiet high (out of the 40 cases based on victims' interviews which went for trial in court, 28 cases are still pending). In the cases tracked, the normal trial period was between five to ten years.

"It was found that it was difficult to prove physical and mental torture. In all the eight cases in which the accused were acquitted, the victims were found to have suffered physical and mental torture, but as there was not enough evidence to prove torture, the accused were let off.

The cases where the accused were convicted had been filed under Section 498A along with section 304B and 302, which are applicable after the death of the victim. There were no convictions in any of the cases registered only under Section 498A.

It has been found that out of 30 cases there is not a single case where the accused has been convicted only under Section 498A. The accused have been acquitted (11 cases) by the court where the prosecutor failed to provide evidentiary proof of cruelty, mainly mental, inflicted on the victim as provided under Section 498A IPC.

The judicial authorities of India, in number of landmark judgments, have taken a serious view of the growing tendency to falsely implicate innocent members of the husband's family in dowry cases. Describing misuse of IPC-498a law as "legal terrorism", the Supreme Court said no one could be allowed to unleash frivolous proceedings on this count as the provisions of Section 498A "is intended to be used a shield not as an assassin's weapon."

"The stringent dowry laws, meant to deter dowry-seekers, are being increasingly misused by the very people they are meant to protect. The last three years have seen a steep rise in the number of cases of harassment for dowry".
[Source: http://cities.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=170603. ]

Only one out of six dowry complaints genuine [ source : http://www.tribuneindia.com/2004/20041013/cth1.htm]

Most of thetime it's a bargaining tool for women when husband finds her Infidelity.
Adulterous women were responsible for divorces in every 3rd case.
[Source :  ]

There are many heart-rending stories of innocent families being arrested without investigation and put in judicial custody. While IPC 498A is supposed to be a law to protect women, ironically it harms many more women. For every male accused of IPC 498A, there is at least one woman (his mother or sister) who is implicated in a crime that never occurred or they never stayed together. If there are more women in the family they too are accused irrespective of their age, health condition, marital status or their physical proximity to the complainant. There are many Reports of married sisters of husband, even they are pregnant or with a baby in hands are jailed without any investigation or the entire family is ruthlessly arrested without investigation and there are no words to describe the financial hardship and emotional trauma that they have to endure. Children suffer whether they are jailed along with their mothers or are separated from them during that time.

Another striking feature of these victim stories is that the complainants, in collaboration with the police make sure that the arrests are strategically planned to harass and demoralize the accused, to make them succumb to the fear of being imprisoned and to extract huge amounts of money thereafter.

Here is list of few Victims are harassed for many years, without rays of hope to get Justice.


Everyone knows there are loopholes in 498A, and media reports, Judges warn and Politician admit openly.

An offence has been committed by the accused upon the sole testimony of the woman alleging abuse. Given that lying in court has never been taken seriously enough to invoke punishment, laws which presume guilt even before the trial has begun are prone to great misuse.

98% misuse is "okay" says Minister Renuka chowdrey
[Source : http://www.ibnlive.com/news/ill-empower-women-chowdhury/26051-3-0.html ]

Even there is 98% misuse, why not there is any change?

Because it is not only against husband but his whole Family. The Western funded Supporter of this law, determined to ruin Family system of India and sabotage Indian Society.

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