What this Act really mean...

According to these legislations, the following is a list of women's rights:    

  1. The right to control and subjugate the male partner
  2. The right to publicly humiliate and physically abuse the male partner and his entire family
  3. The right to divest the male partner of all his money and property
  4. The right to send the male partner and his entire family to jail on her whims and fancies
  5. The right to force the male partner to be a slave to her family
  6. The right to kick out the male partner from HIS house at her will
  7. The right to commit adultery (and send the male partner to jail if he dares object)
  8. The right to kill an unborn child regardless of the male's partner's wishes
  9. The right to have all "rights" and no responsibilities

The Main reasons "Modern Women" file Police Complaints under these legislations:

  1. She is possessive and suspicious
  2. She is self-centered and feels the need to dominate the relationship and every aspect of decision-making
  3. She is used to living beyond her means
  4. She came from a middle class Family and married a man who was wealthier than herself
  5. She has some political connections
  6. She is a control freak
  7. Her father is hen-pecked and her mother dominates her family
  8. She listens to and acts in accordance with her parents wishes at all times
  9. She lacks discretion in dealing with her married life
  10. She wants to alienate her husband's affection from his parents and siblings
  11. She wishes her husband to commit the crime of abandoning his aged parents
  12. She is hypersensitive
  13. She opposes every word of her husband, his parents, siblings, etc.
  14. She wishes to blackmail and intimidate her husband, his parents and siblings to fulfill her unreasonable demands
  15. She does not wish to adjust to or with the husband's family or take on any domestic responsibilities.
  16. She is suffering from pre-existing mental problems

In Details........

Section 32 (2) says that under the sole testimony of the aggrieved person, the court may conclude that an offence has been committed by the accused.

This means with one word of women, it will empowered her to punish men at her will. This is very dangerous for innocent men. As it is in the Divorce, alimony, rape, and dowry laws are already in favour of women. This law will not allow men to escape from the clutchs of women who would lodge false complaint. All she has to do is, go to police station and shed some crocodile tears. thats all, and husband will be full time member of jail at no cost; SORRY tax payers cost.

Ch.IV, S.17 makes the "right of residence" a powerful tool in the women's hands whether or not she has any title in the household.

An adulterous woman can abuse her husband or in-laws and threaten them of false domestic violence but she cannot be thrown out of the house as per the Act. This is open license to women to harass innocent men. She could even bring her lover to the house and the husband or in-laws can't do anything or stop her. Even husband has no right if she has sex in front of her husband, may may file case for stoping her from enjoying, ist harassment for her.

(Ch.II, S.3) of the Domestic violence Act includes actual abuse or threat of abuse physical, verbal, emotional or economic.

it means whatever husband do to his wife is wrong, but same if she do, thats ok, Even with hold sex, shout at him, slap, insult, Humiliate

Section 18 allows the magistrate to protect the woman from acts of violence or even acts that are likely to take place in the future and can prohibit the respondent from dispossessing the aggrieved person or in any other manner disturbing her possessions, entering the aggrieved person's place of work or any other place that the abused woman frequents.

If women says her husband and in laws stoping her from Bringing her lover home, judge will order husband and his old parents not enter thier own home.

The Act also says that husbands can't pressure wives to watch porn or to have sexual relationship.

Some Indian women says Kissing is PORN, so soon all indian men who watch movies, Watch these movies together in jail.

Ch.III, S4 of the Act says that the information regarding an act or acts of domestic violence does not necessarily have to be lodged by the aggrieved party but by any person who has reason to believe that such an act has been or is being committed. Which means that neighbours, social workers, relatives etc. can all take initiative on behalf of the victim

When husband Stop wifes lover entering his home, he can file complaint in behalf of his lover.

Preventing one's wife from taking up a job or forcing her to leave job are also under the purview of the Act.

Only solution is to save Institute of Marriage and Family of india, we should ask all organisations not to appoint women at any cost.

Another flaw in the Act is inclusion of live-in partners or any sexual partner (Ch.I, S.2(a))

This clause give men to make use of this law, if a lover of man come home , his legally wedded wife cann`t do anything she cann`t kick her out. husbands now take advantage of this bill ? its law against women not in her favor

The Act will actually worsen the domestic problems leading to breakdown in marriages as women will be now encouraged to go to courts ,without giving any chance to settle thier differences The Act discourages women to rectify their mistake. The Act not only gives powers without taking any responsibilities to women but also takes away all the rights of men.

it is not only marriage breaker but also whole family spliter, women can file case against any male member of Family, its a chain reaction, one crack in a marriage can ruin husbands other brothers family too. its massive bomb waiting to Explode.

There is ample chance to misuse coz there is no clause of punishsment if misused, just like Dowry law.

Feminist want Domestic Violence not Domestic harmony, thats why there is no word of spouse instead man.

With the help of this law now women can stop Father of her children to meet them, this is total breakdown of Social structure of Indian Society it is best tool for black clad corrupt lawyers and Money minting machinary for police, women organisations and politicians.

If there are abusive men, then there are Abusive women too. Laws should be gender balanced not Gender Biased.


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