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1) Portray all women as victims of male-dominated society. It is an accepted fact that the society has always revolved around the importance of women but it is also important to deceive people saying, "Men in the society victimize women". Men have always respected women in the family but let people know that men are abusing women. Show fabricated statistics of domestic violence on women even when men are emotionally abused much more than women in the family. 

 2) Do not allow any female-bashing advertisement. Increase male-bashing advertisement in order to disarm the masculinity of male gender and make them submissive to female domination. Produce advertisements that are derogatory for male gender and show women as smarter, stronger and more powerful than men. Increase mockery of male gender to make men weaker than women. 

 3) Blow the issue of female foeticide out of proportion even when the statistics on sex ratio is questionable. It is a fact that these statistical figures on sex ratios are far from reality but people need to be reminded that girl children are less only because women have a lower status in the society. Consequently, the Government will be forced to give women extra legal protection and economic facilities, which would deprive men in all respect. Even though sex ratio is determined from a mathematical formula, which are not authentic but let people panic on the fabricated statistics. Show men as culprits even when men prefer daughters and women prefer sons. 

 4) Continue to show women as victims of dowry and rape. Even though dowry law is being misused by women but that should never come to the news. Rape laws too are misused but the false cases should never come to the news. Warn the media not to publish any such article that will prove that dowry and rape laws are misused. 

5) On a regular basis, publish articles that will portray women as victims and men as criminals, which will brainwash the minds of the people making them believe that men are born criminals and women are always victimized by men.

6) Never project men as successful. Always show the success of women in an exaggerated manner. For example, Sania Mirza is miserable in her game but continue to show her as a great fighter. Target the players of Indian cricket teams as useless and good for nothing. 

 7) Pressurize the judiciary to give women the highest level of credibility so that women can accuse anybody they want and ensure conviction. Whether the complaint is genuine or false is not important. Women should have the right to ruin anybody's life. 

 All demands of women should be labeled as "Rights". Follow double standard to get demands approved by the Government under the name of gender equality and women empowerment. Let the Government know that women are potential voters and so their demands of harassing men should be approved. Increase the burden of responsibility on men and focus on women's freedom and rights only.

The time is knocking on our doors, which brings in an unnatural misbalance of man and woman relationship. The moment we open our doors, the society will be flooded with the tools guaranteeing the extinction of the human race.

Women empowerment is no doubt an excellent thought. But the methodology to bring about the empowerment is foolish in the true sense. Perverted laws and draconian rules have given rise to the misuse of the same by erratic women. These laws, which were designed to reach the rural and semi-urban masses have got bottle necked in the urban misuse. Marriage has become an agreement to put a foot on the way to hell for men. The same bride, who is welcomed at a house to convert it into a home, builds the dungeon. 

When we talk about Gender Equality, we shall not forget our age-old culture. When we talk about Women empowerment, lets not think about disempowerment of men.

When we talk about Justice for all, lets not forget that men are a part of "all".
Now new Domestic Violence Act force husband to act as his wife says and he has to throw them out of their own house,or by their Daughter-in-law.

Not only this because of such biased laws, its difficult to lead normal life to indian husbands; and force them to commit suicide [Ref: http://dvac...1&a=222 ] but same policy will not be applied to women.

The fact that though Husbands are not dependent on others, has been found to be soft target of domestic violence through the world and their female partners had taken the un-due advantages of the same. No Government sponsored Social study center or any media shown any concern, why the Higher rate of Husbands ending their Life after marriage!!

In india, husbands / Men face biased situation everywhere,and they are subjected to all kind of gender biased practice,in every wake of life; there are no laws to protect thier interest
In Real life situation,if Girls[Lover] Refuses to marry and boy[Man] commit suicide there is no IPC to punish her [Ref: http://dvac...1&a=220 ] but if same thing done by a man then he will be charged and sentenced to 7 years of Prison [ Ref: http://www....yderabad#22 ]

Save family foundation and MyNation  campaign for a Domestic harmony LAW ,Planed to represent their study reports to the Home Affairs Minister's LAW reviewing Committee regarding the various *LAW like 498a, DV act and Section 125 , [ http://www....ndianfamily ] which had been misused heavily just to destroy the Domestic Harmony of Indian Society and the Crime against men are Increasing all over the Places .

Supreme court of India allready shown thier concern and asked to Stop the "Legal Terrorism " in the form of misuse of 498a and the necessary changes to be made by Parlament , but it seems our LAW makers prefers to sleep in silence , as they do not want to disturb their Vote Bank and forcing the Child under single parenting system , as thier voice can't reach to them and they do not have any vote bank .
[ http://www....5231379.asp ]

Judiciary knows, there is harassment of these poor husbands,but never done or taken any strick measuremnt to tackle this misuse,[Ref : http://www....amp;sid=REG *Anti-dowry law often misused: Delhi HC CJ ] why there is no change since 1983.....

How long these poor husbands have to suffer ?
Why this step mother policy towards indian Husbands.?

As per Constitution of India[All people of India shall be guaranteed and secured social, economic and political justice; equality of status and opportunities before law; and fundamental freedom.]

WHY ? Indian men have no Equality in Laws.
WHY ? Indian Domestic Laws are Biased towards men ?
WHY ? It take 7 Years to get Divorce to men and only 6 months to Indian women
WHY ? Indian Fathers are Denied to Child Custody, Even Mother is Prostitute.
WHY ? Indian men has no Protection Laws..?
WHY ? Men do not get Reservations too.

When there is no law / Judiciary support, how can a man lead normal happy life....? These all fact are clear indication that indian husbands are harassed more than indian women, at home and Judicially.

Author : Rudolph Dsouza


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