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Acne Causes and Prevention

Generally people with oily skin suffer from acne. Acne can also manifest when the body undergoes hormonal changes. This is why adolescents suffer extensively from this problem. Oily skin and hormonal changes cause the sebaceous glands in the skin to secrete excess of skin oil called sebum. This sebum can collect in the pores and harden, giving rise to various skin problems like blackheads, white heads and other spots. When the skin tissue around the blocked pore gets inflamed, it rises to form a pimple. If bacteria starts growing around this pimple, it can cause acne. An acne condition may therefore be characterized by blackheads, leading to pimples leading to acne. This acne, if left untreated can spread and if not corrected early can lead to skin scarring. Skin scarring caused by acne is difficult to treat and may require professional care.

Prevention is better than cure is an old adage very much applicable in this condition. Some ways to prevent formation of acne is as follows.

Avoid exposure to harsh sun and usage of sun block creams and gels is important to prevent loss of moisture.

Remove black heads early and prevent them from developing into pimples. Blackheads can be removed at home or by a professional and should not be left to fester especially in oily skin and in teenagers.

For a skin prone to acne, it is important to deep cleanse and moisturize the skin every night before going to sleep.

Switch to a low salt, healthy non fried diet. Fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouted grains and pulses and yogurt can go a long way in reducing oil formation in oily skins.

In case, acne has already formed on the skin, the implications are that pimples have already been infected with bacteria. It is now important to dry the skin around the acne and reduce oil formation. Medicated creams and ointments can help in controlling and reducing acne at the first stage by controlling the bacteria infection.

Now, I will mention some acne treatment measures which can be tried at home. There are many herbal remedies in nature which can be quire helpful in controlling the oil formation in the skin and reducing pore blockages. A few of these remedies can also help control, the bacterial infection around the acne, preventing it, from spreading. These remedies may be tried at home with a few precautions. In case, no relief is being felt even after four to five home treatments it is best to consult a trained skin doctor for relief.

Teenagers suffering from persistent freckles can try this remedy. Grate half a white radish into a bowl and mix two tea spoons (10 ml) each of fresh lemon and tomato juice into the bowl. Create a paste and apply it on the face. It may sting a bit. Let it remain for fifteen minutes before washing it off with cold water. Try this remedy once a day for at least a week to find substantial relief. Combine this remedy with deep pore cleansing every evening to find long term relief.

Another home lotion that works well to control freckle formation and reduce pimples is easy to prepare at home. Grate a radish and extract two tablespoons ( 20 ml) of juice in a bowl. Mix this juice with equal quantity of buttermilk and apply this mixture over the face. Leave on for an hour or so and then wash off with warm water. This may be done every day and this will help reduce formation of excess skin oil and control bacteria formation. The freckles and pimples should start reducing and disappearing after seven days of application.

Controlling acne which is spreading is not an easy task. One remedy that works well in many cases is as follows. Grind a tea spoon ( 5 grams) of pepper with seven to eight Margosa (Neem) leaves. Keep in a bowl. Prepare sandalwood paste (20 grams) by rubbing sandalwood on stone with little clean water ( or use commercially available paste). Mix this in the same bowl and prepare a mixture. Apply this on the face and let is remain for at least half an hour. Wash off with warm water. Try this every day for at least seven days to find relief from acne.

Acne and pimples can also be controlled with lime juice. However this will sting and hurt so it is better to blend 10 ml ( two tea spoons) of fresh lime juice with 20 grams of sandalwood paste and prepare a mixture. This mixture can be applied on the face and will help control bacteria formation and reduce acne. It is important to do this every day for at least seven days to find relief. Wash off with cold water after fifteen to twenty minutes.

I sincerely hope you found something useful about acne formation and control in this article. The herbal natural way to acne control and treatment is easy and inexpensive.

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