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Better Bones With Herbs

Learn which herbs are rich in calcium, and how to make your own bone-strengthening herbal infusions, here:

Calcium-rich herbs (as recommended in Menopausal Years).

Red clover
Comfrey leaf
Raspberry leaf

How to make your own herbal infusion:
An infusion makes enough of a drink for a few days. The ideal container to make them in is a quart mason jar, although pint jars are fine, too, just use half the amount of herb.

1. Place a handful of herbal mixture in the clean mason jar.
2. Fill the jar with boiling water.
3. Cover and let set. For roots and barks make sure to let the mixture steep for at least 8 hours. For leaves, steep for at least 4 hours. The longer the steeping, the better, except for when infusing flowers, when you want to steep them for no longer than 2 hours.

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