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Dark skin complexion Makeup

The measuring rod for a womans beauty is her fair complexion. Though theoretically everybody agrees that not complexion, but charm is the most desirable quality of beauty, the deciding factor still is fairness of skin. A healthy, smooth and glowing skin makes a woman stunningly attractive despite her dark skin complexion. A fair complexion is prone to pimples, blackheads, spots and shadow. A tasteful makeup and choice of clothes enhance the beauty of a dark woman.

Use a liquid foundation before makeup. Select a darker shade of foundation in order to subdue the unwanted glow because a dark skin has a tendency to shine. Moreover, a lighter shade is unsuitable because the face may look patchy. If you are unable to get the correct shade, add a little distilled water in it. Rub in the lotion well so as to absorb it in skin otherwise after some time, the foundation will appear in waves on the face. Use only a little powder because a darkish complexion requires very less quantity of powder. Almond brown mascara and light tinged eye shadow are more suitable. In the choice of lipstick, go in for a shade lighter than the colour of your lips and give a light touch. Do not apply in excess. Use any lip-gloss during day time. For evening makeup, use an almond red shade on your lipstick, but avoid coffee colour shade or pink shade. For dark lips, lip-gloss is good.

Selection of Clothes and Jewellery

A dark woman should avoid black, blue, pink, light brown and sky blue coloured clothes. Instead you can wear orange, red, white and yellow colours dresses. If you like to wear european dresses like maxi, caftan, middy, you should use printed material.

For jewellery, go in for diamonds, platinum and silver, and avoid the ingrained designs.

Although every type of skin require proper care, but dark skin requires more moisture than a fair skin. A dark skin develops signs of ageing rather late and dark women are luckier than the fair ones because dark skin is less prone to pimples, shadows, wrinkles and blotches.

If you have a dark but dry skin, use a deep cleansing milk followed by a moisturizer at night. Wipe off with a wet cotton wool swab, after half an hour. Take a spoon full of un boiled milk and mix a little almond oil, a few drops of lemon juice and rose water in it. Apply the mixture on your face and neck daily at night. This solution is good for clearing the complexion. Use of honey is good for getting a glow on the skin.

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