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Eye Care

Eyes are one of the five sense organs (Gyanendriya). They are also considered to be one of the most beautiful features of the face. Eyes are not only responsible for vision but also reflect the state of one’s health. Healthy eyes are clear and white with bright pupils. Kapha eyes are usually large and clear with thick lashes. Pitta eyes are sharp, penetrating and sensitive. They may be prone to itchiness or redness. Vata eyes are small, nervous and dry.

Eye care is necessary to prevent permanent eye damage. It is best to avoid reading or doing meticulous work in poor light, using computers or watching television for long hours. Very intense light, or using very hot or very cold water on the face and head is also not healthy for the eyes. To prevent fine lines and dark circles around the eyes, gently apply a few drops of almond, coconut or sesame oil in the morning and before bedtime.

Some common eye problems with their natural remedies are described below:

Dry or Dull Eyes
Aggravation of kapha dosha causes dull eyes, while an increase of vata can lead to dryness. If the eyes are tired due to a lot of work on a computer, or from watching television, they can also become dry and gritty.

Easy Home Remedies

Use a few drops of honey, ghee or sesame oil in the eyes.

Boil half-a-teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water until the concoction has reduced to half a cup. Cool and use as eye drops.

Weak or Poor Eyesight
Eyesight inevitably weakens with age. Alochaka pitta dosha is responsible for maintaining eyesight. Properly caring for the eyes is one preventative measure that helps.

Easy Home Remedies

Grind about half a cup each of almonds, raw sugar and aniseeds. Divide into 40 doses and take one each day with a cup of warm milk.

Rinse eyes with water as a daily habit. Rest eyes if working for long periods.

Mix some cardamom seeds with a tablespoon of honey, and eat daily.

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