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Facial Mask for Dry skin

Dry skins are generally flaky to look at, appear to be dull around the cheeks and eyes. They need continuous moisturizing. Instead of using a soap that tends to dry out the skin further, wash the face with oatmeal and milk. Milk provides nourishment to the skin and oatmeal gently exfoliates. If you need some extra moisturizing then make a natural face mask for dry skin with a combination of ten almonds, four tablespoons creamy milk, two spoons of oatmeal, two spoons of china clay, one mashed avocado and juice of half a lemon.

Apply this paste on face and neck and then leave it for twenty minutes. Wipe off with cotton wool moistened with cold milk. Now Splash some cold water and also apply a water-based light moisturizer.

Pack for Combination skin

combination type skin is typically oily around nose and forehead while dry around the cheeks and eyes. So dab the face with cold milk and cleanse the T-zone with an astringent.

You can also apply an herbal pack of half a cup of crushed dry peas, mix it well with three spoonful curd, half cup of papaya pulp and juice of a lemon. Apply it and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash off with ice – cold water or rose water. A better idea is to rub an ice cube which is dipped in rose water over your T-zone. This prevents enlargement of pores as well as blackheads. You can Freeze ice tray with rose water cubes for rubbing your face at any time of the day. Use it especially after bath since that time pores are most opened.

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