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Foot Care

Our feet tend to get neglected as they are hidden from view. But the feet work very hard and without proper care develop many problems like corns and bunions, cracks, infections or ingrown nails. These conditions are not only unsightly, they can be very painful and make walking even small distances very difficult.

Massaging the feet each night with oil is relaxing, and good for the skin and nails on the feet. It keeps them soft and supple. In winter, the oil can be warmed or substituted with sesame or mustard oil. In summer, coconut oil provides a cooling effect. If the feet do not absorb the oil totally, wear socks before going to bed.

Some common foot and nail problems with their natural remedies are described below:


Corns are usually caused by shoes that don’t fit properly. Shoes that are too tight, or pinch, put pressure on the bony areas of the foot and also interfere with the circulation of blood ultimately leading to corns.

Easy Home Remedies

The sap from a marigold stem, milky juice from green figs or papaya juice are all good remedies. Apply to the affected area frequently.

A slice of lemon can be placed on the corn and bandaged in place overnight.

Cracked Heels

Walking barefoot on rough surfaces or excessive exposure of feet to the sun, wind or water, causes cracks on heels and soles of feet. Aggravation of pitta and vata dosha also causes dryness and roughness of the feet.

Easy Home Remedies

Take about three tablespoons of bees wax and mix one teaspoonful sesame oil in it. Warm it a little and apply on the affected areas.

Use warm sesame oil or ghee (clarified butter) on the affected areas.

Apply a mixture of a teaspoon of mango tree sap and a tablespoon of water to the cracked skin.

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