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Homemade oil for Soft Smooth beautiful Skin

Ingredient :
100 ML Olive Oil
50 ML Coconut oil
50 ML Castor oil
3 Spoon – Dry Onion Powder
3 Spoon – Dry Garlic Powder
3 Spoon – Dry Ginger Powder
2 Spoon – Cinnamon Powder.

Preparation: Cook all dry powder in Olive oil, for few minutes. once cold drain it add coconut oil and castor oil and mix, Store it in cool place. Apply 2 hours before bath, This oil is not for face, specially for legs, just 15 days you will see the difference, soft and smooth skin.
Garlic is Anti fungal, Onion and Ginger help Blood circulation. No more dry winter skin, try it and you will know. already tested with many.

Another best remedy for soft and smooth legs is to apply your own urine everyday, keep it for an hour and wash it off and see the difference.

Author : Rudo the Alfh Bin Joseph Al Souza

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