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How to get Periods on Time

1. In scanty menses: Drink a decoction of madder roots for an entire cycle i.e. everyday to correct anemia, if any and establish a healthy flow of menstrual blood.
2. For a healthy flow of menstrual blood, eat a lot of curry, ghee mixed in hot water and massage the abdominal region with castor oil. Make a decoction of the aerial roots of banyan and consume with half a glass of cow’s milk at bedtime for at least 3 menstrual cycles.  
3. Carrots, bitter gourd, boiled peanuts and corn will stimulate menstruation.  
4. Drinking a concoction of the neem bark and banyan tree bark will regularize the cycle.  
5. The cumin, coriander seeds and fennel is helpful to get periods on time.  
6. A cup of grape juice everyday is also believed to bring regularity of the menstrual cycle.
7. Take a decoction of the roots of bitter gourd (karela) at least twice a day; this usually makes the period to commence.
8. A decoction of cumin seeds and sesame (Til) seeds, sweetened with jaggery helps to set off menstruation.
9. Saunf (fennel) seeds also found to be helpful in menstrual irregularities.
10. Boil the roots of the fig (anjeer) and take the filtered decoction for a few weeks to normalize the cycle.
11. A small cupful of the decoction prepared from the leaves or the seeds of coriander (cilantro) thrice a day is found to be useful in regulating the menstrual cycle.
12. Consuming sesame seeds from the periods due date will regulate flow in a few days.
13. Take a teaspoonful of radish seeds and grind it with water to make a fine paste. Mix this paste with a cup of buttermilk and drink.
14. Eating papaya, grapes and fig will develop heat in the body and fastens the period process.
15. Green unripe papaya and aloe sugar syrap is also useful in case of delayed periods.
16. Eating raw carrots also stimulate menstruation.
17. For irregular menstruation, make a hot infusion of neem bark and take one cup in the morning, noon and evening until cured.
18.Dont stress out, Do some stretch exercises

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