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How to preventing hair fall

Give head massage to your self before washing your hair. Head massage makes hair strong and helps to prevent hair fall. If possible, take head massage treatment once in while from experts and massage therapists to make your hair strong and beautiful.

Use natural conditioners like oil, ghee, curd to condition your hair after washing it. Using these natural hair conditioners before washing your hair can also prove beneficial. Avoiding chemical based conditioners and shampoos can help to prevent hair fall problem.

Try to dry your hair naturally and avoid using hair dryer as much as possible. Using hair dryer frequently can make your hair dull and can result in hair fall.

Avoid artificial hair beautifying treatments like hair straightening, hair perming or hair ironing. As these treatments involve use of chemical based hair products as well as hair pulling to certain extent, it may damage your hair in turn causing hair fall.

Avoid using chemical based products like hair gels and serums which may make your hair look beautiful for the time being but result in hair fall.

Avoid colouring your hair with artificial hair colours. You can use herbal hair dye if possible. The contents in hair dyes and hair colours may not suit your hair and result in hair fall. As such, try to find out from hair expert about the hair colour which you should use.

Try to use natural remedies to cope with hair problems like dandruff etc.

Imbibe a habit of having a balanced diet. Try to consume green vegetable as much as possible. A balanced diet is a key to good health as well as good hair.

Try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. Water helps to flush out all the toxins from body and helps to deal with problems like hair fall easily.

Try to sleep on time and ensure that you sleep for at least eight hours.

Practice stress management remedies like meditation and yoga. Stress can also be one of the factors which can cause hair fall. Practicing meditation regularly can help you to cope with stress thereby preventing hair fall.

Use scarf for covering your hair whenever you are traveling. Scarf will protect your hair from pollution and help to prevent hair fall.

If your hair fall problem is intense, consult doctor.

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