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Reduce tummy with diet

Your diet can contribute to the physical appearance of your body in a major way. Starting a flat tummy diet, together with regular exercise, can magically turn your abs tighter, good looking and oh so healthy. Contrary to what most people think, starving yourself won’t give you a flat tummy. Proper diet and right nutrition will. If you eat wisely and choose the right foods to eat, you would achieve the abs that you always wanted and stay healthy while doing so.

Foods rich in fiber are key players in your belly fat diet. Diet experts would suggest that a person should at lest 25 g. of foods with fiber on a daily basis. Doing so would help your trim those abs and convey a slimmer body. High source of fiber includes fruits and vegetables. Fiber is actually the indigestible portion of whole grain foods, vegetables and fruits.

There is a quick caution in eating foods rich in fiber- you should take them slowly to avoid slight flatulence. You should not take fiber-rich foods one big bunch at a time, instead, spread them all through out your meal and drink lots of liquid to take them down faster through your system.

A flat belly diet should also be composed of a good amount of foods rich in carbohydrates. For the perfect abs, you should be able to eat 45% to 65% quality carbs. For example, if you have a 1,800 calorie diet, your carb intake should be around 202 to 292 g. per day. Remember not to eat too much too little carbs. Always make it a point to eat a balanced diet. Too much carbs can lead to weight gain, water retention and bloating.

To sum it up, for your flat tummy diet, you should be able to eat at least 3-5 servings of 4 oz. vegetables. At this pace, you can eat 15 to 25 g of carbs. 2-4 servings of 4 oz. of fruits can be taken with 30 to 60 g. of carbs and a cup of whole grains per meal.

Finally, drink lots of liquids. There is a myth that drinking too much water can give you a full belly. On the contrary, water can help you flush down toxics and unwanted sodium out of your body and can actually reduce bloating. It is recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water every day. Try to avoid drinking liquids with sodium content and lots of calories including soft drinks and coffee.

Try to eat light meals at night. Instead of taking 3 heavy meals a day, try to eat 5 small sized meals. Relieve your mind of stress, stick to your belly fat diet, exercise daily and in no time you can achieve that perfect abs that you always wanted!

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