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Skin and Face Foods

Foods you can eat and are beneficial for your skin. Here I mention foods you can apply directly on your skin to find a cheap, natural alternative to expensive skin creams and medication.  These foods are endowed with natural minerals, astringents and natural softening agents that provide a healthy alternative to modern cosmetics.

Enjoy the following tips.

Pure almond oil is an excellent source of natural moisturizing agents. In case, you suffer from dry and itchy skin, massage your face and other exposed arms and legs with pure almond oil. This oil nourishes your skin and removes scars and blemishes. This is an excellent all the year around tonic. Use it regularly to find a smooth clear blemish free skin. This oil is also excellent for the cold weather, preventing dryness by providing moisture and essential nutrients. Look for commercial applications that contain almond oil, incase you look to buy skin nourishing creams or gels. Many modern cosmetics make use of this wonder food for better skin care.

Some common problems faced by many women and men is the emergence of pimples, black spots. black heads and itching on the facial skin and also on arms and legs exposed to the elements.

Some common foods that can be beneficial towards curing and treating these complaints, the natural way are available easily and cheap.  Many commercial cosmetic applications also make use of these foods to be effective and safe.

Fresh juice of

apricots applied on the face for ten to fifteen minutes is an effective solution to itching and sunburns. This natural remedy also helps in reducing various rashes and eczema. Apply daily for 7-10 days to find effective relief.

Apply a paste of ground

drumstick pods and leaves mixed with fresh lime juice on the face. Rub gently and let it stay on for 10 – 15 minutes at a time. Continue daily once in the morning for 7-10 days and you will find pimples and black heads and black spots slowly but surely vanish.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find clear smooth beautiful skin that glows and makes you look  years younger.

One quick solution to persistent pimples on the face is the application of raw garlic juice blended with fresh lime juice on them. This daily once a day application will remove and reduce the formation of face pimples rather quickly. However the application itself will sting and hurt a bit. So if you have the inclination and the motivation for a quick solution, do try this remedy for a quick fix.

A couple of common daily routines, that can be followed for maintaining a blemish free facial skin that shines with vitality and health are easily followed.


papaya pulp on the skin. This pulp rubbed gently on the face and the skin polishes the area, clearing it of all impurities that cause pimples, black heads and spots. This gentle polishing, once every two to three days, reduces the formation of pimples/acne and cleans the skin thoroughly making it glow.

The application of grated potatoes as poultice to treat skin blemishes, wrinkles, boils, pimples, acne, black heads is very effective and time tested. Use it once a week to find clean clear skin over the long term.

One natural alternative to using soap on the face is a paste of

Bengal gram flour with yogurt. Blend this Bengal Gram flour with yogurt to form a thick mixture in a cup. Rub lightly in the upwards direction while applying to the face. Wash after 10 minutes to find clean clear skin. Regular application of this mixture, will reduce the formation of pimples and acne and will help remove black heads the natural way.

The above natural cost effective solutions will be beneficial to a wide range of skin types. Do try a convenient remedy to find clear healthy facial skin. They may take a little extra time to prepare and apply but these remedies are worth the time and effort.

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