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Vegetable for Weight Loss

We’re recommended five servings of vegetables everyday. That’s five helpings of calorie-free food. There’s no way we’re going to put on weight even with ten helpings.

One serving of vegetables is roughly about half a cup full. So we need five half-cups of vegetables to get our daily quota. If you’re eating spinach or lettuce, one serving comprises of a whole cup.

Vegetables are also full of fibre. Their water content is high too. That helps them fill you up well and give you a feeling of being sated.

But vegetables aren’t popular and a lot of people don’t eat them. A few tips to those “non vegetable-rians”. Maybe they just need to think drink!

Vegetable juices can be made interesting Try getting innovative with them. Add ice cubes, a wedge of lemon. And some pepper to pep it up. Try getting it tangy. It’s tasty.

Soups are great ways of getting your quota of vegetables. Just dish it out and slurp it up. It’s a healthy, quick way of eating your vegetables.

Grate your salad vegetables together. Add a cup of curd to it. Mix well. Season with salt and pepper. That’s a lot of vitamins with calcium thrown in as well. Your health meal of the day!

You can blend some sweet tasting vegetables in your blender. Peas, sweet potatoes, corn, taste well when blended together.

Grave(y) issues:- Blend your vegetables like spinach, carrots etc. Use this as a base in your gravy. It adds flavour and nutrients to your side dish.

1 thought on “Vegetable for Weight Loss

  1. Ask physichian if you can have cruciferous and green leaves (other than lettuce). Those are specially good for health.You will have better cholesterol and less inflammation.Eat less fat or grease,sugar,salt and flour.This should be a daily practice.Of course:yellow, red and violet vegetables and fruits are necessary also.Feel gratitude for the blessing of having food and water.Bless them.When the food is bless with love,it helps with your health.And water even changes when you look under a microscopy.All for the better.Gratitude vibration show respect and recognition to all the living beings that nurture us.Permited us to be ONE.
    Long ,blessed life to all!

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