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COVID-19 defeated – How i cured myself, Symptoms and treatment for Corona at home

I am 51 year old, physically healthy, No diabetes, Pressure or allergies. I can eat anything but hardly had any junk food or from McD/KFC.
usually I take one time food per day Lunch or Dinner but with dinner I take one raw onion and 5 big blobs of Garlic.

I am not sure I get infected nor I tested for Corona than symptoms are similar to Covid-19. I did not reported because I was not sure about the guarantee of test, even I have no real infection just because I have fever they can just refer me to quarantine for 14 days and I may get infected there as its in panicked public place.

These are the symptoms from the beginning.
I hardly get any fever once a year and it goes without any medicine and never took any medication for last 20 years.
almost one and half month back mild fever started, and it continued for 3 days, I started to take PANADOL, as there was no other problem I thought it just normal fever. it stopped for 3 days but repeated again, whole day little body temperature was there but in the evening it will increase, along with back pain and dry lips and numbness.

There was no problem in taste or smell, or breathing. but mild fever was regular and more temperature in the evening and dry cough sometimes.
2 weeks back chest pain started but at that time there was no fever, friend said it’s because of gas, as I do not have any gastric problem, Not only running pain in chest area but I can hear heart pounding and beat on left arm. after 2 days its reduced then back pain and burning sensation under the feet started with mild fever in the evening. I did not take any PANADOL, unless I feel the fever heat on my face. if Temperature is more I feel whole face is like burning.

Dry lips and numbness continued even today.

One week back, I got cold and cough, nose was blocked but there was no mucus no running nose, sometimes just water comes out of the nose. If I drink something hot, same water started to drip from the nose. Dry cough once a while, same times there was something in throat too, blockage type, if you drink hot it goes for a while but return, you can spit or swallow this is mostly between after wakeup in the morning to afternoon.

If with cold, fever comes then anyone will lose the sense of taste or smell, even I was having symptoms like cold with stuffed nose and mucus, my taste buds were ok, Mostly if fever comes they don’t feel like eating anything but I had no such problem.

4 days back temperature was high from the beginning, I started to take PANADOL, nose was blocked at night breathing also, slept on stomach, that made little easy to breath, filled nose with little VICKS Vaporub, took deep breath and hold it for a while before release. heart was pounding like anything.

3 days back same thing continued but with a twist, now there was no feelings of taste, more dry cough and mucus was coming out, watery nose. PANADOL is continued 3 times a day.

2 days back, same fever continued whole day. with blocked nose, dry cough, mucus in mouth, water from the nose etc, heart was beating heavily, slept on stomach cover with a blanket A/C switched off window open for fresh air, as its summer and outside temperature is hot to mild, I swet like anything and T-shirt was wet in the morning.

next morning I felt relaxed to be alive, there was no fever, but little temperature was there, but not as burning face sensation. blocked nose gone, no water from nose, no cough, all of sudden all disappeared without a trace. anyway THANK GOD, I survived, even today I do not know it’s because of Corona or something else, I can only check with doctors once this COVID-19 resolved.

What I was having other than PANADOL is, I was taking onion and garlic regularly till my stock runs out and lockdown curfew started.
When fever comes I was taking PANADOL after meal, per day maximum 3 tablet I took.
Started to have Lemon juice with pinch of salt once a day
Honey small spoon once a day.
Morning hot black tea
from the 1st fever started I started to take hot Ginger tea every evening regularly with extra ginger.
I took black seed(Kalongee) oil half spoon everyday when fever started 1st for 15 days till 2 bottles over.
1 month back when fever become regular I started to take homemade dry leave power which contain Neem/Chirata(Swertia perennis)/Pappaya leave power, usually if you take one spoon I used to get burning sensation while urine as well as painful cracks on skin near nails of hands fingers, but this time I take it almost for last 15 days no heat or burning sensation or cracked skin. whenever I was having dry cough feel mucus in mouth I used chew half spoon and throat was clear no mucus in throat.

This is what I have done, I am not sure it was Corona, nor I recommend by doing this you will be cured of corona, I can only relate it to Corona, as its now COVID-19 season and I got such fever with similar symptoms in last 20 years.

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