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BLACK Money and DEMONetisation

DeMonetisation is total eye wash to show public when Government is failed bring back stashed Black money in SWISS BANKS or in other safe heavens.

Swiss Bank list and PANAMA papers are out with many Indian Names in it, but Government never took any action on them because Political Parties and their Friends are listed. Many are still waiting for 15 Lakhs promised at the time of Election.

Government wanted catch Crocodiles in this Black money lake, they drained the lake and found out Crocodiles can move to other lake or live on land too, it is the small fish died, that’s what happened, innocent public is suffering and many died too.

Real culprits already whitewashed their Black money, as they are friends of the Government, having early warning system of coming storm.

Government says wait for 50 days and all is well….

Pregnant women will wait 50 days? When hospitals are refusing to take old currencies? Sick and old can wait 50 days till help arrive, Government never had any Plan B for such situation or minimize the inconvenience to the people, that shows how much they care about its citizens.

Can a human survive 50 days without food, if he is daily wager, can mother tell small child wait 50 days for next meal?
Workers, Vehicles, food stuff, perishables stranded without money.
Some business closed its door, as they can withdraw only 2000 per day.
If you Lucky to get 2000 Rs note and if you go to buy something, no one is ready to take 2000Rs, as they do not have small denomination notes, even they have they are not ready to give change.

I can say it’s a Stunt than Bold move, if Government really wanted to take action on black money then they would have taken on Swiss banks, it just a Political stunt before next election.

There was surgical strike, actually these politicians need surgery, and it’s a surgical strike gone wrong. I can say Ruling party dig their own grave with this surgical strike.

Government started to tell what to wear and how to dress.

Restricted freedom of speech by censoring internet and media.

With Beef Ban, force you what not to eat

Now you cannot enjoy your own money, and you don’t get your own money when you wanted.

Next they will tell you when to Breath.

Government will dictate you, what to eat, wear, and talk and what not, but Government is not asking when people go hungry.

Where to Use Old currency notes after demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes till 24th November

At Government hospitals: How many are going to Govt Hospitals and how many come out alive? If you see situations of some Govt hospitals, even healthy person will die if treated there.
Petrol Pumps and Gas stations: how many are taking Old notes?
Crematoriums grounds: PAY in Advance for yourself. Or Govt is expecting every home someone will die every day.

Now there is high value 2000.Rs note in public hand, so people will end up paying more bribe, and they can keep more money in less space.
And everything will be back to normal or more corruption within one year.

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