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FREE energy, Overunity Possible?

If you search YouTube for the word FREE ENERGY, you will get plenty of videos on the subject. Some may be fake but there is truth in many of the videos.

Magnetic power
Permanent magnet motor
Overunity motor
Power from magnets
Power from air
Power from earth
Wind power
Solar Power
Solar cooker
Solar water heater
Power from sea
HHO driven car
Car running on water
Tidal power
Power from Lightening
Power from waste
Bio power
HHO stove
KW from Volts
Transformer power
High power from DC
Alternator power
Infinite power from sea
DIY Free energy
DIY green energy
etc. etc.

After all, why we are paying for the power?

There is some news that some of the inventors of above said FREE ENERGY products are killed by…. Government or energy companies.
Some even say they are offgrid for years, how true we are not sure.

In 2012, Germany’s total energy Sale is 12 Billion Euros, out of this 5 Billion is Profit. These Energy companies control Governments and all most all Governments make no efforts to make FREE energy available to the public.
They suppress all inventions and Inventors, other than conventional power producers like Coal, Thermal, Hydro, Fossil fuel, nuclear etc.

They not only suppress inventions but there is no support for environmental issue and human life. There are many nuclear power plant disasters and because of burning of fossil fuel there is global warming still no government is working towards to make its citizens free from the slavery of the Energy.

This clearly shows nexus between energy giants and Governments, out of 5 Billion if government gets one billion also, no government will make attempts make energy free of cost.

Every government want its citizens to be blackmailed on energy, even some governments impose Energy tax, use or not.

If any government is getting 10% of the Profit from conventional Energy producers as Election funds, why any government will support FREE energy ventures…..? they will never dig their own Grave….

Now the question is FREE energy, Overunity Possible?


2 thoughts on “FREE energy, Overunity Possible?

  1. If a Permanent magnetic energy device was dropped in your lap, Could you get it developed?
    Note the word Overunity implies developing more energy than is uses.
    In short this can not be done. Overunity is like perpetual motion both or bad terms to use as they do not conform to the laws of thermodynamics – EttCM does.
    EttCM technology implies using energy developed from a grater source of energy into another usable form. Permanent magnetic energy is not Overunity.
    Permanent magnetic energy is a form of Gravity that is put into motion by a greater force and remains in motion for many years. but does deplete.
    I am an inventor of different type of energy conversion devices into usable power output.
    I have working proto type devices that can by shown in person not on the internet or photos.
    If you are really seeking this type of Technology my contact info – name under twitter
    Thank you, Tom Wlazlak

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