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How to Install KLOXO and Build Website on VPS

Kloxo is a light-weight control panel that is both memory friendly(Need Apache reconfigure) and powerful.
It has all the features included in all leading control panels, and you can easily configure all aspects of your website such as mail, spam filter, PHP, CGI, Perl, apache, FTP, MySQL and much more.
This guide is meant to get you started with Kloxo and explain the basic features needed to get your VPS website up and running.

Main web hosting features that Kloxo web hosting panel provides:
General Web Hosting Account Control: Domain & subdomain administration, File Manager, Add & Manage DNS Templates, Control of SSL Certificates, Resource Plan Management, Shell Access, Backup Management, Driver Configuration, Reboot & power-off control and Resource usage stats
Web Hosting Server Tools: MySQL database administration, Add & delete dedicated IP addresses, Manage FTP Sessions, PHP, suPHP & modPHP configuration, Select web server & DNS programs and phpMyAdmin Access
Web Hosting Email Features: Add & delete email addresses. General Email administration, Email queue access and SPAM filtering program selection,
Web Hosting Security: SSH Configuration, Watchdog for FTP, SMTP & web, Lxguard brute force attack monitoring and Add & delete blocked local hosts
Web Hosting System Services: Server service status menu, Server process status menu, Server component status menu, Mail, HTTP & MySQL logs and Cron job/Task scheduler.
However, Kloxo is supporting CentOS or Red Hat EL (versions 5.1+) only. If your VPS provider is not giving you these Linux flavors you cannt install Kloxo.

After you purchase your VPS account with a Webhost, they will provide you with VPS Server IP and control panel login.
Lets assume its [ – This IP is different than your website IP ]
Login with assigned username / password. Once you Login you find another IP and Your website name entry on right Panel [ Click on Manage Icon, on right side]
You Will see Like this.
VPS Control Panel

VPS provider also Provide another IP, thats for your website (Eg:, Same IP can be seen in your VPS control Panel.

Now Login into your Domain Registrar Control Panel, Where you registered your Webiste [ eg : ]
Goto your Name Server section, there you will find Child name server option into new VPS name servers, as you are creating your own Name servers based on your Website hosted on VPS.
Creat 1st name server add name as “” and its IP
Creat 2nd name server add name as “” and its IP
Same IP can be used to creat multiple nameservers, if your Domain registrar(DR) is not supporting multiple IPs ask your DR to configure for you.
Mean While You can buy Another IP from VPS provider, If you want to keep stable Nameservers.
Once you done with adding Nameservers on DR, you can creat name servers pointing to your website in your VPS panel in KLOXO panel later.

Now Login back to VPS server.
Some VPS providers give multiple Linux flavors can be installed/uninstalled, so you can install centOS 32bit or Red Hat EL
Once Linux is installed,You will find a “Shell Account” or “CONSOLE” Link on main panel.
click on it and login with your password.
Once login is successful you will in shell acount of System.

Kloxo installation consists of downloading either or from and executing them as root. They will download all the required files and install them for you.

[Lines starting with # will be LINUX commands you are running in shell account, all are in small Letter and do not type #]
# su – root
# cd /tmp
# yum install -y wget
# wget
# sh ./

This shell script [] will install KLOXO on your VPS, if its aborted just run again

# sh ./

once Everyhting is finished, just reboot from VPS panel[it will take Few minutes], see Everything is comes up normally.

Now you can Login to your KLOXO Control Panel with your website IP
username will be admin/admin. change password as soon as you log in.
KLOXO Control Panel will look Like this.
KLOXO Control Panel
KLOXO Control Panel

If you are hosting only one website then goto Domain then add domain [ eg : ]
then on Left side Panel Click on Domain(+) there you will see your website name [ eg : ]
Click on (+) of your website, Under DNS add your nameservers [ eg : and ] same you can set in DNS template on Right side Panel too.
If you are using Google APPS mails for your Domain you can add Google Apps entry under Mail entry of your website name under Domain.

From shell panel, you can run “top” unix command to see the memory usage of your VPS server; or from VPS panel itself.
if you are in Shell panel, just go to /etc, there you will find a file called “my.cnf” open it with “vi” and add these 2 line
At below [mysqld] add this :

save my.cnf, then restart mysqld [ service mysqld restart ]
hope this will reduce almost 100K of your memory usage.


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