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Tips to a Successful Marriage

No One Married to be Divorced,To make a marriage work you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort and time. There are ups and downs in marriage, All marriages are look perfect from outside,but in reality its different. You have to learn to be able to deal with both extremes and work together.

1. Ask your partner’s advice and listen to the answer.
2. Accept that you will both make mistakes and do your best to learn from them. and Never Repeat it
3. If you run into a difficult time, just remember your wedding vows.
4. Accept that men and women are different.
5. Communicate. Listen, learn and talk to each other.
6. Don’t have affairs
7. Don’t sleep in separate beds, even if there’s an unsettled argument. Try to sort out your problems before you go to sleep.
8. Don’t fall into roles. If one of you always does the ironing, it becomes boring and monotonous.
9. Teasing can be healthy but don’t let it become cruelty.
10. Be best friends as well as lovers
11. Do not criticise his/her friends in front of him/her. Nor insult husband/wife in front of your friends
12. Do not criticise his/her Parents.
13. Give and take.
14. Don’t let your sex life become a routine. Make Love
15. Don’t take each other for granted.
16. Comfort each other when you are down.
17. Accept your partner.
18. Don’t neglect your appearances.
19. Be honest with each other.
20. Compromise.
21. Forgive each other.
22. Ask before you borrow anything.
23. Pass on all messages to your partner.
24. Tell your partner that you love them.
25. Compliment each other – and mean it
26. Cry together as you laugh together.
27. Share responsibilities
28. Be thankful to each other.
29. Do not cheat.
30. Learn to say SORRY.
31. Please each other.
32. Learn from each other
33. Treat spouse parents as yours.
34. Judge Not.
35. Share your secrets

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