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ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HOUSE – Without cutting down a Single TREE.

Few Months back there was a news that Some Actor from Kerala built environmentally friendly house worth 2 CRORE. but when you visit that house, you will find beautiful Wooden door Frames and Carved Door, no need to say they cut down many trees to…

Common words in Tulu, Kannada, Konkani,Telugu,Malayalam,Marathi,Tamil, Gujarati,Haryanvi,Hindi

1.English Phrase Equiv. 2.Tulu Phrase Equiv. 3.Kannada Phrase Equiv. 4.Konkani Phrase (GSB-Hindu) 5.Konkani Phrase (Mangalorean Christian) – ( use n silent ) 6.Telugu Phrase Equiv. 7.Malayalam Phrase Equiv. 8.Marathi Phrase Equiv. 9.Tamil Phrase Equiv. 10.Gujarati Phrase Equiv. 11.Haryanvi Phrase Equiv. 12.Hindi Phrase Equiv. 1.Are you…

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