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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

If I am a President of India, For A Day

President of India is mostly ceremonial and Puppet of the Ruling Parties. As these Political parties select and Elect who dance as they say.

President of India is Cheif Commander of Armed Forces only on Repulic Day, and most of orders comes via Prime Minister from his party command.

Even there is no President everything works normally, President is just a name sake, and waste of Public money.

So far not a Single President Elected other than Abdul kalam who think from his own Brain, most of the time you see these president inaguarating some events or functions which can be done be Flim Actors too to draw more crowd.

Any Common man can think and Act better than them. coz there was no reaction from President when rulling parties make laws and rules against Public Interest.

There are so many Laws Againt Citizens, Gender and Religion biased
Governmant tells citizens, what to eat and what not by BANing Beef etc which in the History of India no one has objection so far.
Planning to Make Ground Water Public Property so Public servents and Government can make more money and force farmers to commit suicide.

Still there was no Action or reaction from President.

Coz no one seen Presidentm other than cutting ribbon on Functions.

If I or any Common man become a President of India for a DAY, then i/he can make better laws.

I will order;

To Re Write whole Constitution.
To Re Wrtite Whole Judiciary system, Laws and Penal / criminal codes.
To make Law An Eye for an Eye.
To disclose all assets of government servents; source of Money and Benami Assets.
To disclose all government expenditure and revenue.
To Stop all money from out of India unless citizen is NRI or Money is for business.
To Scrap all Gender / Religion based Laws.
No one will dictate others how to live / dress and eat.
No Quota system or Reservation.
No word as Man and women in Law, laws should be equal to all, Crime is Crime, so Punishment should be same for all.

I HAVE A DREAM. for more…..

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