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NGOs Welcome Amendments in Section 498A of IPC

The Committee on Petitions of the Rajya Sabha, under the Chairmanship of Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Member, Rajya Sabha, is considering a petition praying for amendments in Section 498A of Indian Penal Code, 1860. The petitioner in his petition has pointed out the extensive abuse and misuse of this provision of the Penal Code. According to the petitioner, the abused population undergoes tremendous harassment and torture. As these provisions of the penal code presently go, a complaint without much authenticity or any weight of evidence is enough to arrest the husband or the in-laws or anyone else named in the complaint, irrespective of whether any crime has taken place or not. The petitioner, accordingly, has prayed for suitable modification in section 498A of Penal Code so as to check its abuse and protect the interest of innocent persons.

2. The petition is available on the Rajya Sabha’s website (www.rajyasabha.nic.in) under the link: Committees ? Standing Committees ? Committee on Petitions ? Petitions with the Committee.

3. The Committee has decided to undertake consultations with a wide cross-section of the society and invites written memoranda thereon. Those desirous of submitting memoranda to the Committee may send two copies (each in EnglishOR Hindi) thereof  to
Shri Rakesh Naithani,
Joint Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat,
Parliament House Annexe,
New Delhi – 110 001
(Tel: 011-23035433(O), 23794328 (Telefax) E-mail: rsc2pet @ sansad.nic.in)

Many NGOs and Human rights organizations welcomed this move by Rajya Sabha, at last Indian Legal system realized misuse of Women centric Law which was widely misused.

Under this Law, one word of women is enough to send every member of Husband behind bar without any investigation and this Law was Non Bailable and Non compoundable, for so many years because of Women Loby and Lawyer collective this law was not changed or amended Even there were reports of misuse. As these Women Organizations were using these Laws complaints total to get Funds from Government, that’s why all of these Women organization even now protesting for the same, as they will lose their bread and butter.

Many Women Organizations sent their Protest Letters against Rajya Sabhas move to Amend it, That shows the mentality of these Women Organizations, they want to misuse law only, as per recommended Amendments there is nothing special, as they are asking for Punishment for Law misusers and compensation for Legal Terrorism victims but Women Lobby strongly oppose, It shows they have support for Misusers.

Between 2003 to 2006

5,01,020 people arrested under Section 498A of IPC;
2,94,147 people completed trial under Section 498A of IPC; and
58,842 people convicted (NCRB statistics)

These statistics shows 80% of Innocent people are victimized, even out of 58,842, many won case in High Court or Supreme Court too. As per Women organizations to give Justice to 20% of women they want to victimize 80% of Men Family. This law is not against men but against husbands Old mother, sisters, Even Distant relatives even breast fed child is arrested; still they strongly oppose Amendment to this Law to make it Gender neutral.

Soon Indian Government will realize these Women organizations not only supporting Legal Terrorist and making laws in their Favor but breaking backbone of India. No need to give example to show how these Women organizations are breaking Family system, anyone can ask to show them one case where, After Section 498A, So called Dowry law women is happy in her marriage by solving all her Problems, coz no one will find single case after 498a, that marriage is survived without Divorce. Soon All women will realize that, 498A is a Fast track for Divorce only.

19 thoughts on “NGOs Welcome Amendments in Section 498A of IPC

  1. Time is crying for an amendment. 99% of the cased are false. Men need protection and their human rights back.

  2. Men should have rights to riase their voice in the family issues.. if not Men should know how to get their rights by joining naxalites and other terrorist groups …

  3. men are treated like money making machine by these women these days becouse of these layws… Govt should try to equilize trhe family responcibility.

  4. Time is crying for an amendment. 99% of the cased are false. Men need protection and their human rights back.because the men are treated as money making me chin

  5. men need their protection from 498a wife’s, who use it for extortion of money from innocent husbands.

  6. Sir,
    The proceedings by Rajya Sabha is hopeful and NGO steps is quite appreciable. our blind and partial govt(to women only) may now think about their vote bank if they still support this legal terrorism 498a and destroy mens’ whole family and peace. No one of us ready to vote to such foolish govt.WOMEN ORGANISATION OPEN YOUR MIND THAT IN YOUR FAMILY THERE ALSO HAVE SOME SISTER IN LAW , MOTHER IN LAW WHO ARE TOTALLY INNOCENT BUT TORTURED BY THE LEGAL TERRORIST THAT IS CRUEL DAUGHTER IN LAW.

    Deep pal

  7. I agree with ur comments. what everu people have written 100% right.498a has become money earning businessand girlsparents behave like pimps.i served in indian army for 26yrs asa dedicated soldier.At the fag end of my life ,i am in thick soup without any fault of mine.my daughter-in-law is demanding two bed rooms flat and 35 lacs.i personally feel,498a has become a mockery.Everybody knows ,all the allegations are baseless and fake,but in court everybody looks helpless-498a is only ruining the life of young boys.This law should be amended.,

  8. The laws that are not preventing the dowry custom then but is the use of it. If they are being made only to harass the innocent person or to break our marriage institution. have not seen a single case where the real victims are taking the advantage of 498A or DV act or CRPC-125/sec-24. Only unscruplous girls taking disadvantages of these laws by misusing these to settel their personal srores. The misuse of these laws are increasing so fast that every person’s friend or relative in cities is implicated in either 498A or DV act or CRPC-125/sec-24. Once these cases are registered, the whole innocent family has to spend normally 8-10 years by wondering in various courts. The courts normally stress on compromise by instructing husband to give money to girl’s family rather than giving the unbiased decisions.

    These laws should be ammended definetely to save our marriage institution.

  9. This is a stupid law to say the least. A woman who does not earn a rupee, does not want to stay at house, does not want kids, does not want to entertain any relatives of husband in house but all her relatives enjoy on husband’s salary lives happily for 1 year and then runs away with her boyfriend and jwellary in house, then next day sends a notice of DV and harrassment to the husband’s family and get them in multiple cases, and the poor family suffers for years to come. Husband and Parents get into troublesome mental health issues due to embarassment while girl enjoys her life with new partner. After all this, they seek out of court settlement to loot the husband, or heavy maintenance and are free to marry again. Most girls also don;t register the marriage and go for out of court settlement, so many of times they are simultaneously extracting maintenance from multiple such victims.I mean, the best thing a husband can do in such cases is to pay 3 lakh to a local goon to rape and murder such women, and pay his bail so he is out of court and the trouble is over. I think this is what the women rights NGO and out politicians who made this law want to arrive at. If that is the wish, so be it. All those troubled husbands who are taking a good faith approach so far, revolt and get your nemesis raped and axed. Immediate relief from problems and no ilegal troubles. Also, its far more cheaper than agony of fighting cases and paying a crooked woman for entire life,Those who agree, say AYE and revolt.

  10. Stop pleading guys, be a man. get rid of the woman in the case and the trouble is over forever. Once there are a few cases like this, the law will have to change. Nothing happens without spilling some blood, and in this case the blood is not yours so why worry. Survival of the fittest is the law of the land, and if you want to override that basic law of nature, and try to be polite and well behaved and peaceful, you will be taken for a ride by these crooks who are marrying for money.Instead of this 498 amendment campaign, which I am really sceptical will evre work out in time for millions of suffering parents and husbands, we should launch a KILL THE CROOK WOMAN campaign and that will take faster effect when 50-60 such crooked women die in a week. Govt will be forced to act and that will set a precedence to others who are looking for such routes to strike rich. I launch KILL THE CROOK WOMAN campaign as a complementary action to the 498 AMENDMENT attemps that you all are taking, so the combination can yield faster and desired results.

  11. Dear Abhi, you are absolutely right and i am whole heartedly support your thinking. If our lame Govt. donot do anything for us then how long should we suffer from this baseless problem? We cannot continue this Gandhigiri after several torture from daughter in laws and their unscrupulous parents. We have to act boldly to protect ourselves and not to keep honour and trust to our so called lame law system.

    Deep Pal ,Durgapur,
    West Bengal

  12. i think same case must be filed against relative of manmohon singh sir or honarable pratibhatai patil madem then only this would change otherwise theair is no chance because it is a extorction racket.remember it required sanjay dutt to highlight missuse of the antiterrorist law and more ever 498a does not affect politicians

  13. Sir, I am sanjeev kumar from pehowa. I and my family members facing the trial of 498a in two different courts. We win the first case of 498a ipc, but now my wife file the case of section 498a second time. Which is pending, on the other hand, she filed an appeal of her first case of 498a in high court at shimla. I and my family members in deep trouble. While we never demand any thing from my in laws family as well as my wife, if any amendment passed in this section, then I and my family will oblige the Indian govt. so amended 498a ipc as soon as possible, so then new generation of men category get relief.

  14. Sir: I am Dr C.Anthony Joseph from Bangalore. I am 62 years old. The section and the provisions provided in this section 498a is very draconian. Innocent victims are being legally terrorized by their female counter parts that there is an immediate danger of the sanctity of marriage here in India. In no part of the world, even in the Arab Nations do not have such unilateral laws passed.

    Is it proper and fair to penalize anyone for that matter even without giving a chance to hear out the woes of the other party. Is it proper to arrest elderly and the young ones and put them behind bars for silly squabbles between husband and wife. The elders in the Rajya Sabha must take up this matter on a war-footing to prevent the results of this atrocious section. Other wise families will break up, innocents will be jailed, extortion, blackmail and adultery will be all legalized. Jai Ho.

  15. Its really to say that our law makers are not concerned about baised law made for women 498a to just give a weapon to harrass and torture to the in-law family for the sake of wealth and property, this makes that men to think twice to get marry or not or it should be pre-nupital agreement. Its really very hasty to live in this world by the word of marriage. Please amendent the law for the sake of equity and better life leading in this world

  16. I want to close this 498a case, because i want to continue with my husband for the family, if i appoint advocat they also never help me please guide me

  17. Nikeeta, u chose to put the false case against your husband and his family. U have lost their trust, which no court can restore. Now, u have to face the consequences. U had an option, could have asked for mutual consent divorce if the marriage did not work out.. Making an innocent Man and his family suffer a criminal case against them is gross injustice

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