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A Equaling Dose of Women’s Tears Wins Again In NH

Dateline: New Hampshire, USA
By: Timocrat
Via: The Honor Network
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

MRAs & MGTOW men are all too aware of the game that is going on with the best of both worlds with women, but we have just had it played out on a grand scale in the US primary of New Hampshire. It is enough to make you blow a gasket, yes. Ms. Equality Clinton sheds some tears (probably from a planted question, as already recorded by news media to other questions on the campaign trail) to pull a way a slight win the NH primary.
The non- stop playing of the media of her crocodile tears for several days prior to the vote was incensing, and totally biased, but it was the perfect sucker punch to all those males that can’t but feel sorry for a woman in tears. Who cares about issues! For a woman who says she is tough enough to lead the USA to then cry is the height of irony. The poll results on this issue show that these crocodile tears swayed men a bit and a lot of women. Added to older women going for Hillary in droves, and younger ones for Obama, we see that it is the old feminist school that is playing such old fashion men as chumps, manginas as patises, and women’s emotions over issues all the way to the bank. This chivalry blindly given to all women, plus distorted equality wins yet again!
Bill Clinton also went on the attack and said, of all things, Obama was getting better media coverage! With his head turning red and his little boy lip biting he turned day into night and night into day politically! Obama has been staying above the fray as he is in the lead and the media then states that both camps are going negative equally. Welcome to effeminate politics central. We need to see that the media is key to what happened today and in the past, and that the combination of misplaced chivalry and distorted equality, with mangina males, are cornerstones to our problems and we must overcome them or go on being disunified as men die and suffer on and on.
Playing on the harp strings of the population over real issues and justice must come to an end! For this we must dig deeper.

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