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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Are Men money-making machines?

Men don’t have the option of staying at home as women have. Men have to complete their education, build their career and shoulder the financial responsibility of the family. As most women have the liberty to continue their education even when they do not intend to work, men don’t have the liberty to go on paying for their education. They have to start earning as soon as possible even if it means quitting their education and aspirations.Maximum child laborers in the country are young boys, thanks to Government for making girl’s education free.

Men can be called as eligible bachelor from the amount of his earnings.
Girls prefer to marry somebody richer guy so that she can secure her future and luxurious lifestyle. A man has to continue taking care of his old parents even if he happens to be the only bread-earner. He is also expected to provide all financial help that his family needs including his wife.
However, the Government levies more tax on men than women (100,000 tax slab for men and 135,000 for women). Property and stamp duty tax is also lesser for women vis-à-vis men. Is this Gender Equality? Or perhaps here too we can say, “It’s all about money, Honey.”

Even after divorce, irrespective of his wife’s earnings, he is asked to pay alimony to his wife. He will not only pay alimony to his divorced wife but also see that she is not even letting his child meet him, his own child. A Man will have to pay monthly maintenance indefinitely, only to find himself lonely and abandoned by the system that excessively pampers women. Alimony,which is fit to be called legal extortion, has been named “Women’s rights”; right to receive monetary benefits from husband even if she is earning.
Women are doing just fine in exploiting age-old tradition for men of providing women, thanks to Legal system of India for not waking up.

Divorce cases are increasing and single-parenting is getting all the unnecessary support from the women’s group and media. Women will stay with her child, getting regular maintenance from her ex-husband and feel free to sleep around with other men. And if she has two kids (elder daughter and younger son), it is rare that the young boy will not be sexually abused by his elder sister. It would be rational and logical to say that women get along with men only for three reasons, 1) for having sex, 2) to get a child and, 3) to extract money as much as possible. This is exactly the “thing” in foreign countries.
Do you still believe that men are not money-making machines?

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