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Article 14 of the Constitution of India vs Misandric Laws

Article 14 –  Equality before the Law 

(Ref: https://mynation.net/laws/coi/coi-S14.htm )

Do You really think Men have equality in our Law ?

Men don’t need superiority over women, they just need equality everywhere.. nowadays feminists say they need superiority in the name of equality even when they haven’t all the Privileges

How it is to be cool? Just Blame patriarchy get financially benefit from it and later blame Patriarchy.. Women have extra privileges still blame Patriarchy.. Only women get 99% scholarships, Free mobiles ( recently Punjab), free scooters ( recently north India) and blame Patriarchy but still why not give the privileges for needy rather than doing bias against a particular gender?

Now I am going to change the way you were looking at our law

Do you know there are more than 40 Laws for women and 0 Laws for men ?

Eg – 1 : if a man starts the crime of adultery they form a new law and punish only men and say that only men can do it
Eg – 2 : if a women starts the crime of Fake cases our law makers go blind even when 98% dowry cases are fake, 91% molestation and sexual harassment cases are fake and in 2013 itself fake rape cases were 53% but now NCW nor NCRB is not leaving the data of fake rape cases but people are blindly believing and calculating the no. Of cases filed rather than calculating no. Of proved cases

Now going to tell you about some Misandric Laws

1. IPC Section 375 ( Rape )
– If a man has intercourse on pretext of marriage and doesn’t marry, it amounts to Rape. Now after reading this We should change the meaning of rape that even after intercourse is done with women’s consent still it can be called as rape. But when the women cheats a man after intercourse why isn’t that a rape? Why isn’t there a law if a man faces it? According to Article 14 we have right to seek equality but we are biased from the law itself. I have seen a case in Bangalore “unbecoming of Women” case where the Guy was put behind bars just for not agreeing to marry the women after having consensual intercourse he didn’t receive bail even it was done with her consent. Rape is a worst nightmare for a women but still the same women slept and didn’t bother to take help by calling 100. So we can clearly say that she filed the case & it wasn’t a rape and if it was a rape she would have not waited till the next morning to file an FIR

2. IPC Section 375 ( 4th clause )
– It’s called Rape if done with her consent and if he is not her husband.. Society were believing that adultery law is removed but here a women can have consent intercourse with a man who is not married with her and later she can blackmail to file #375.. imagine if a man had intercourse with a women he is not married with then can he file a rape case?

3. IPC Section 375 ( 6th clause )
– Even if intercourse happens with the consent of the Girl, let the man be of any age and if the girl is below 16 years of age it amounts to rape but when the man is also below 16 years of age why not punish the U-16 Girl too? So if the guy is below 16 years of age and the women is elder to him will she be guilty through same IPC? Because We have Article 14. Why only say men are criminals and women are innocent.

4. IPC Section 498a ( DOWRY )
– Here a women can File #498a against her husband, his parents, his siblings and all his family whomever she wants. In this law a man, his wife, his siblings and his relatives can be sent behind the bars for 7 Years even if she haven’t provided a proof or doesn’t have a proof that he was seeking dowry.. so why only if a man seek money it’s called dowry but why isn’t it dowry when she asks money for her shopping, kitty parties, etc and why is it legal for a women to take away 50% of his and his families assets + monthly maintenance? And why not call maintenance and alimony as dowry? people couldn’t do equality when they were in their marriage but want to make economically and socially equal after divorce.. A very nice convenient way to become a rich person just by telling she can’t work.. but men including KFC owner even if they fail in many jobs and business even at the age of 50 they tell him to be a man so why not tell the same thing to a girl to start afresh after she is divorced? Or why doesn’t she file a case when she is said not to work? Because she obviously doesn’t want to stress up by working and because her husband is already stable to pay her expenses.

5. IPC Section 354a ( Sexual Harassment )
– we agree that Sexual Harassment is a crime but I’ll give you a better example i just saw a video where a Girl pulled a guys pant in Public and found it in a troll page and comments of boys and girls laughing because men victims are always a joke and if the same thing happens to a women imagine the outrage. So what if a women sexually harasses a man? have heard about this if a man denies to her and go away if he isn’t liking it then they call him GAY.. it even happened when I was working at Disney where a Girl called a Guy as Gay and her 13 years long career came to an end but we don’t have this equality in our law

6. Hindu adoption & Maintenance Act of 1956
– This Law states that a man gets maintenance until he turns 18years and a girl receives maintenance till 25years or until she gets married.. where is the equality?

7. IPC Section 304B
– If the death of a women is caused by Burns or Bodily Injury within 7 years of marriage then Husband is found guilty even when he is not responsible for it. But if a man dies due to same within 7 years of marriage then why isn’t the wife guilty?

8. Triple Talaq (2019)
= This Law says that if a man says Talaq ( Arabic word for Divorce) 3 times then he will be behind Bars for 3 years. So now even if a man by mistake says ‘Talaq’ he will be behind Bars and even same like #498a dowry law which is 1st most misused law in India same way even triple Talaq might be one of the most misused law. I’ll explain why we need to modify this Law. So imagine if a non-Muslim man says divorce in his language or English so does that mean they got divorced?.. when the law is made that triple talaq is of no use then even if a man says Talaq is there a meaning to it? When law itself says it cannot be a divorce then how can some women misuse it by filing a case that he said Talaq? But still if a women says Talaq why isn’t a law made such that even she be punished for using that word?

Only Women, children and Animals have commission but Men are Low class that’s why we are biased by law, society, media, etc.

There is a lot more but I think this much is enough for today ?

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