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Open Challenge to UN / NCW and WCD

Every year Indian Women Organization including NCW / WCD forward fake Details of Indian women status, just to get Grant and Funds from Foreign Organization and Government.

UNO and other its Affiliated organization, without checking any details or Truth behind these reports, sanction grants worth billions, for years these trend continued, as per total money granted, today there should not be any Women or child on the street begging for help, but you can find million children on the street without quality food or shelter, and All these women organization want the same, so they can get grant every year. and These women organization strongly insist UN to publish, reports on women / child status as they wanted, so they can get money from other western countries too.

Now Question is why UN is not verifying where this money goes and these women organization findings are truth or false, Or may be they get a part of this UN grant…?

We do not blame these money minded women organization, but at least UN should check integrity of these finding those Indian women organization forward.

May be there are reason why UN is not checking about this.

Member of UN are getting commission of Every Grant;
UN members are paid to Publish Fake reports;
Feminists control UN
UN want to break Indian Family system;

We firmly believe that UN is interested in breaking the Indian family system and the Indian society along with getting money / commission.

UN has a lot of explaining to do as it seems to have come out with an agenda against “Family System” in India due to lobbying by some western countries.

We will show how actions of UN, UNICEF and UNDP are actually contributing the “Female Feticide” in India instead of reducing it.

1) In 2006, UN claimed in Indian Media that 70% of Indian Women Face domestic Violence (DV) UN, UNDP or UNFPA never conducted any study or survey which has established this fact or proved this statistics. In fact, one page in UNFPA web site says, the domestic violence percentage in India (against women) is just 19%.

It clearly shows that UN and its officials lack Integrity and have lied in Indian Media.

How the hell are such horrendous lies propagated about India by UN officials?

Refer to this false story planted by the UN.

Here is the complete argument:

Certain Radical Western elements are controlling the policies in UN and they have a “racial bias” against Asians and especially Indians.

2) In 2006, UNICEF executive director Ann M. Veneman made false claims.

She claimed that 25,000 women are killed “every year” for dowry in India. Here is the proof.

There is no source of any kind which has established this fact that 25000 numbers of women are killed for dowry. In fact, the total “convictions” for “dowry deaths + DV deaths” in year 2006 is 1830 (refer: Indian National Crime Records Bureau at web site ncrb.nic.in).

These deaths in India are almost half of similar deaths in US (if you normalize populations of both countries).Why did she lie and why did she quoted false statistics?

Why is the UNICEF executive director creating a panic by uttering lies?

I do not like to make any personal criticisms. However, people holding the high positions should have some elementary levels of Integrity.

If UN says that 25,000 women are killed for dowry every year in India, then no one will wish to have a girl in their house, as they think the girl will only be a victim, a burden and she will bring tears. The reality is, women are 2 times safer in Indian homes than in US homes. Thanks to UN and UNICEF, the panic is created in Indian society and Indian Family system is maligned all over the world. The Indians today are afraid of having a girl child.

We challenge UN officials to come and prove their assertions on dowry deaths in India.

3) The outrageous, false propaganda unleashed by UN (its organizations and its funds) about 70% women being beaten, kicked, hit, slapped and burnt for dowry, has created massive panic in India.

UN is a very credible source and hence everyone believes it. Media writes about it. So, Indians today believe that if they have a daughter (born into the family), then 70% chance that she will be burnt, beaten, raped, hit, slapped.

These lies by UN officials is creating huge problem for our society and people are rushing to clinics to abort the girl child.

4) A boy in India brings 3 times more misery to parents than the girls. A boy has 3 times more chance of getting kidnapped.

A man has 3 times more chance to get murdered, commit suicide or die in an accident compared to a woman. However, UN never

talks about the disadvantages that boys bring and only harps of why it is dangerous to be a woman or girl in India.

5) Increasing divorces, family breaking and single parenting has resulted in increase in crimes in US. However, UN

conveniently ignores these social issues. Children from single parent families in US have 9 times more chance to commit


Why are UN policies so reductionist while dealing with complex social systems ?

Indian Family system is not like west, unless you solve Family problems, its impossible to solve women problem if any.

Indian women organization want to widen family bonds, so they will get enough sob stories. They always portrait women as

victims, even there enough proofs to prove she is Villain too.

Other than Grant there are so many Feminists imported laws like Domestic violence and sexual harassment laws including

India’s its own notorious 498A

After all this, we have simple Question or you may call it Challenge, to NCW / WCD and UN

Can you Show us how many women are happy with family After filling 498A / DVA
Can you show us, where all these Money of Grant utilized and how many women are benefited ?
Can you Give us contact details of All women, so called victims, or Killed, burnt because of dowry etc

and we are ready to give Details of More men who are victimized by women.

UN / NCW / WCD are you Ready for the Challenge ?

6 thoughts on “Open Challenge to UN / NCW and WCD

  1. Is there any court where we can fight against Indian law , to block 498 a because it is leagal terorisem against indian men and all other men who married in India or reletives of a married man who married with Indian woman .

    //Court is there, but its ruled by toothless judges, and scraping of such laws is not in thier hand. —eDitor

  2. Have you ever noted that the UN (united nations)is supposedly fighting for equality, yet it has five permanent security council members who can override the resolutions of the differing nations. what does this speak about democratic rights?( UN(united nations) has been mistakenly spelt as UM in the above article

  3. Its not only the gender biased law its specially made for wicked wife. I am a 498a victim’s unmarried sister lost my job and surviving as a accused without doing anything. I am a girl but I can’t do anything in this case because it is totally in favor of wife. Why the law makers not think every thing has pros has cons so the 498a has also. After all we all are people anybody can greedy you can’t judge on the basis of gender. Why don’t you think only a girl can’t to do whole case procedure its about her parents who birth her grow her & tell her how to treat people thats why we all have different behavior. In most of the cases 498a is registered by a girl who is living with her parents & most probably they have not a unclean background. Have you ever seen a girl who was really survived mental & physical cruelty and registered a FIR. Answer is never because she was so depressed and her sanskar never allow to her to do so in the critical situation too. Thats why a girl was calling a Devi earlier days but now girls are good but some of bad girls destroying the image of that Devi image & due to these kind of money minded girl all girls loosing her reputation in the society.
    498a is as same as termite which is not looking dangerous now a days but will slowly destroy the whole Indian family system and India will be the worst country in future just because of 498a which developed disatisfaction, frustration, anger and other negative emotions toward the country because of this law and the system who is driving this law.
    Why women can’t file a false FIR:
    If she can be a President,
    If she can be a Prime Minister,
    If she can be a Cheif Minister,
    If she can do job,
    If she can be a Miss Universe,
    If she can be a terrorist,
    If she can be a scientist,
    If she can be bar tender,
    If she can be a bar dancer,
    If she can be a prostitute and lat but not the least
    if she can watch male strippers
    Todays women screaming “all laws is with us you can’t do nothing with us just do whatever i am saying” why law makers are not listening this. Open your eyes otherwise 498a girl and her family will only lead the India and India will flood with ill human leeches.

  4. Innocent people are driven under harassment and mental agony on account of this 498A section. girls are taking advantage of this and dragging innocent boy and parents to the courts. This has to be banned. As said earlier by some one India will lead with families without love and real affection. Real accused are saved certain times.

  5. Is there any law which can protect men from this legal terrissom as specified by Supreme Court of India. These bludy politician are not willing to amend this bludy 498A from which so many innocent boys are suffering in throughout India for their vote bank. Because, if they amend this law then they will be reflected as anti-women politics. I strongly insist the GOI to amend this DV Act and 498A Act to protect the innocent boys like me from this brutal educated criminals like my wife and FIL

  6. law will come only after hugh pressure by all public. mothers, sisters, fathers and husbands and kids.

    irony is that there is ministry for animals but india does not have an ministry for Men welfare.

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