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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Changing gender roles: No more a man’s world

The two genders exist in this world are socially recognized, and legally adapted. Socialization works by encouraging wanted and discouraging unwanted behavior, hence gender is social structure. A common assumption of alternate sex (sex is a biological determination of gender) definitions are due to a pseudo-male or a pseudo-female gender role, as they usually do not confirm the normal expectation of male attraction to females and vice versa. Hence males and females are to bind to have their roles in a society. Radical feminism argues that the roles assigned for females were oppressive and mainly imposed by meant to dominate women. Similarly in the name equality, take over is not accepted by men. The metrosexuality arising from fantasizing westernization brings another threat to human race and creating immense urban-rural differences among groups. Prescribed ideal gender roles help to shape the actions of both sexes as they move between family and the world outside the home. The new ideology of gender equality is changing the patterns of domestic behavior. Both secularisation and increased education are working in the same direction to challenge traditional gender role ideology. Cumulative research articles on gender roles suggested that there are only a few differences between genders in masculinity and femininity which however will not influence the prescribed gender roles. A research study between men and women on use of justice and care system in crisis revealed that more women opt for one of these systems than men as men gets social rejection due to no/low priority for men’s right issues. Thus the socio-cultural differences are significant predictors of change in gender roles in the society.  How much we need to do to bring for gender inequality to equality? Changing gender relations is a long process, and should be in accordance with equal, fairer, democratic, less oppressive and patriarchal approaches. Seeking homosociality is not an answer for gender inequality. Segregation of human responsibilities segregate society gender biased. Governments and managements need to develop flexible working, family-friendly and dependant-leave policies.

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