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Conspiracy Against Men

National Council for Women and the radical feminism didnt happen in couple of years.It took decades for them to penetrate into mainstream.

Till the 1960s, even in US, there was a traditional family wherein father worked and was a primary breadwinner and mother stayed at home to provide care for children. It is surprising that 100 years back even in US, UK, females didnt have the right to vote.
But due to techonological advances women had lot of spare time and were able to move into workforce. And then came to the mens’ liberal attitude towards the early feminist and giving way to it. It was a slow but a persistent one. Now, after getting into work force, they want to extend it to other aspects of life. They want to eradicate poverty by giving “equal” rights to women but actaully it is not equal rights. Its in making women more equal than men. They want the support of poor people, bundle the women rights to child custody. What we have, we have courses which cater to the feminist subjects in mainstream college courses. US has VAWA (violence against women act; on which our DV act is based and to some extent word by word. But NCW is an Indian organistaion and we always to find answers to all problems by least amount of thinking and effort without ability to think of the repurcursions, so we have the all-encompassing DV). So, my point is since it took a slow, persistent efforts by these radical feminists, it will not go away. Just think of stupid rules our NCW is bringing in.

In US, there are some ultra radical feminists who have openly said that scientists should look into parthenogenesis in humans so that all women can escape the harrasment from men. parthenogenesis is a process in which female of a species can fertilise its egg without the need for male. (It happens in some kinds of frogs, honey bees naturally; scientist did it in mice and might be possible in humans also). But think, if ever a man said that women should be eradicated from this face of earth, he will be facing huge critism from all parts of the media but the feminist will get away with their way.

IN UK, most of the laws are gender neutral and there is no separate laws for women.

As a matter of fact, though living together is a common feature in UK,the adultry of married women is considered a civil crime.

The live-in partners are not considered as equal to married couple and in the event of breakup of live-in partners, there is no maintenance and alimony. We again NCW wants to solve all the issues are fast as possible (the reason is not nation will revolt; the reason is that there is no one to opppose them and smack them. With all credit to Manmohan Singh, Chidambaran; all educated & intelligent people, why on earth will they succumb to the scum of Indian society?)

It was only about 3 months back that the senior judge in UK made a comment that live-in partner should get some sort of financial help from the other live-in partner and he made it in the context of people living together for more than 10 years. But, alas, NCW wants to make it mandatory for one night sex.

The other day, I was watching the Karan Tapar’s Devil Advocate where he interviewed Renuka Chaudhary. It was literally tearing her apart but the only defence from Renuka is that “every 3 minutes women in India are raped and murdered in their own house” and “it might not be a bad idea for men to suffer from DV except (sarcastically) that she has so much pity for men”. This is a cabinet minister making statement that it is better for men to suffer (that is 50% for Indians) on a national TV and as expectedly no mention or criticism in media.

I have been watching quiet a number of programs on DV and about NCW and everytime their argumnent is same “every 3 minutes 1 indian woemn is raped and murdered”. Though the veracity of the figure is questionable (even in the best case scenario), it is used by all these feminst to get their way. They do not talk about misuse, abotu negative aspects. THey stick to their old formula, “every 3 minutes 1 indian woemn is raped and murdered” and surprisingly it works like a charm. Once my collegue( in UK), asked me about this and he told that everybody belives that women are mistreated in India. (They get it from the media and it is written by feminist, so no surprise there)

When sushmita is shown with 3 men, it is fine; because it shows a liberated women. But if a man is shown with 3 women, ot degrades the women. Good logic to cheat the man on the street but why does the so called good legislators get bogged down. It is, I think, the vote bank. surprisingly, ecept for the “liberated, free” women and “single wives”, divorced people, even the mothers hate the DV act.

So, what can we do? I have been thinking a lot of this. And still confused as to what a common man like me can do. ( A lazy, simple, minds his own business, likes to stick to a 9-6 job, cares for his family, and not happy to do extra works like SIF / SIS Members). But, I guess, we need to blog our views but its that going to help us. I doubt it. Though I can give all kinds of “useless” ideas like starting a party & win the seat and can change all these anti-men laws.

But, seriously, I do not know. Can we ever get past these stupid laws, how can we put brains into NCW. How do you convince the common man street that DV act will ruin them and that it is a curse of being a man. Even my friends (all educated) have no idea of this and they think it is our old sae India. But the feminsts ball started rolling and can we ever stop them ????????


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