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Counter 498A with 211/511 of IPC

IPC 211 and 511 (Eleven In BOTH the cases)

211 :- is applicable (when a false 498a case is going on i.e. UNDER TRIAL)-(Imp : SAME COURT AND SAME MEGISTRATE CAN TAKE CONGNIZANCE- NOT EVEN HC/SC).

The Result of husband filing 211 : If the husband side is convicted then husband side GOES TO JAIL (Convicted) – (husband side NOT loosing anything here as they are already accussed), if husband side is NOT CONVICTED (Acquitted) then the WIFE SIDE GOES TO JAIL… (3 CHEERS HERE….). HERE IS THE POINT.

IPC 511 : Illustration : If a pocket picker puts his hand in the pocket of a person (EXPECTING SOME MONEY) and after putting HIS HAND HE FINDS NO MONEY INSIDE, THAT MEANS HE HAS DONE A CRIME OF “POCKET PICKING”….

Similiarly : If the wife files a false 498a complaint against the husband and the family (thinking that they will pay her xx Lakhs !) , AND AFTER FILING SHE COMES TO KNOW THAT ‘NOTHING’ (No money) is there in the pocket the SHE HAS DONE THE CRIME OF ‘BLACKMAILING’…)


I put in more simple scenerio : If a wife, files a false complaint KNOWINGY, that husband will SURRENDER TO HER DEMANDS (after false 498a), BUT AFTER FILING ITv (a false dowry case), SHE COMES TO KNOW THAT HUSBAND DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO PAY (Pocket EMPTY !!!!) THAT MEANS, THE WIFE HAS DONE THE CRIME OF BLACKMAILING (506).

To be more simpler, If the husband is a RICKSHAW PULLER, THEN WHO WILL FILE A FALSE 498A (Or 304B) case against him ????? (Gareeb HO JAAO)….

I add to that : Even the “Motor Vehicle Act” Exempts the RICKSHAW PULLERS..Rickshaws DONT have MOTORS – MVA is NOT applicable, Then how could we expect A FALSE 498A AGAINST A RICKSHAW PULLER.

Money is NOT everything, BUT ITS SOMETHING, SAVE IT AND PRESERVE IT….no one knows when would u need it..


7 thoughts on “Counter 498A with 211/511 of IPC

  1. Can you please give me some more details about 211 and 511. In my case fir is already filed.

  2. Indian Goverment , Politicians have gone blind.They only know how to be in glamour and gloryfy them selves.Imagin a situation where whole family faces JAIL due to this unethicale women oriented law. is there any one who will look into this ? I think no one is there…i am not writing this comment in frustration but when people turn blind law needs to be revived.No one is going to do any thing…but i will do it…i will do it own my to rectify the mistakes done by goverment by imposing such laws….i will make sure who ever has done wrong they suffer 100 time more as they have convicted INNOCENT PEOPLE. I SAY FIGHT FOR YOUR SELF….NO ONE’S GOING TO COME AND DO ANYTHING FOR YOU..GOVERMENT IS BLIND…POLITICIANS ONLY WANT TO CUT RIBBONS AND SCAMS…POLICE ONLY WANTS TO THRETEN AND TAKE MONEY FROM INNOCENT PEOPLE……….WAKE UP FOR YOUR SELF

  3. I think blind support for girls are having bad intention behind it. It’s a easy way for politician to search bad character girls. Girls go to women council are the easy target for Politicians. And we all know how our politician is, nothing is hidden.
    Also another point is which we should consider is the amount Women Council is getting as aid by different organizations across the world. Govt of India pays 4500 Crore to Women and Child welfare association/ Ministry. + 12500Crore they beg from different association world wide. This huge amount goes to congress leaders. Like Giraja Vyas and other leaders.

  4. My married is second marriage with accused x. On pity issues she left home without my knowledge when i was sleeping early in the morning on 27-4-2010. After gone to her Brother’s home she immediately on 30-4-2010 filed false case of 498A against me in Ramdaspeth police station Akola, Maharashtra. I have arrested for same in august-sept’10 on released on bail. The police Station has filed charge sheet against me filed the case in Akola Court but the case is could not came on board till today. I want to know that can i file case against my wife under sections 211,511 n other law. I have 7 yrs baby also whom she left behind n destroyed my family life. She also has withdrawn sum of Rs. 1,00,44/- from bank, which i have kept in rd a/c on her name for the school donation purpose of my daughter, she also has withdrawn rs.51000/- from mutual fund kept for my daughter’s future on her name. She also asked for Rs. 25,00,000/-( Rs twenty Five Lack ) Of Ransom for settlement with help of my friend. My friend is on Her side.
    She has also filed case for maintenance under 125 in Family court, Akola, which she lost on the ground that she has not taken legal divorce from her first husband ( both of us are married second time and both have not taken legal divorce) n their marriage is still exist. My marriage with her was declared illegal n my marriage declared null n void. Now is it necessary to go for Null n void case again,can she ask me for any money, can court order me to give money.
    She ,her brother n mother taken away with them cash, jewellery n important documents with her. Can you please help to file the case against them or her under 211, 511 n any other law. They have harassed me very much.

  5. I’ve 498A against me which is on going as on date, can I file 211 & 511 against my wife now???

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