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Domestic Violence on Men

For centuries, married men have been brutally nagged and have considered it as part and parcel of a married life. There will be not a single married man who has never been emotionally abused, threatened, brutally nagged, and even physically assaulted by his wife. However, looking at the present scenario, it seems that men are the architect of their own precarious condition in the present womans world. They failed to consider wifes atrocities as domestic violence. They failed to protest against the Government for approving ridiculous biased women protective laws. They failed to raise issues when innocent men are victimized and convicted with a false complaint of a woman. They failed to foresee that living in a female-dominated society, they will always remain in constant threat of been falsely accused by a woman. Maybe because in the olden times, our parents had tackled mundane and trivial arguments with maturity and understanding, instead of going to the police station and filing an FIR.

The magnitude of the severity of Domestic violence Bill has been vastly underestimated. Lets have a look on how mens life will become hell.

1) Doesnt matter if you dont argue with your wife, you can still be falsely accused of domestic violence.
2) Even when your wife abuses your parents, you will still be scared of getting falsely accused of domestic violence.
3) Your wife can demand any amount of money and you can be falsely accused of not complying with her demands.
4) Even if you come to know that your wife is cheating on you, you have reason to get scared of falsely accusing you of domestic violence before confronting her.
5) Not only your wife, any woman can now accuse you of any violence even if you are innocent whether on the streets, banks, offices, restaurants, buses, trains, planes, anywhere.
6) Even if you are into a live-in relationship, you are still exposed to the danger of being falsely accused of domestic violence and may even lose your personal property.
7) Since all the women have the license to complain now, prostitutes too can threaten you of violence if you do not pay her demands.
8) Male teachers and professors are also not safe. They could also be falsely accused of violence if a female student wants him to pass her in the examination.

In short, the danger a man will be facing after domestic violence bill is endless. Those already married will live a submissive life realizing that a sword is hanging over his hand and it is up to his wife to decide when to halal him. Women call this condition as gender equality. It is typical that not a single woman has criticized this sort of tyrannical law. And men are helpless saying that beyond criticizing this law within their friend circle, they cant do anything.

The consequences of domestic violence bill will be disastrous. Here are few of the foreseeable repercussions of this law.
1) There will be sharp increase in divorce cases making men bankrupt, and children growing up without their fathers will be exposed to child sexual abuse.
2) Live-in relationships will increase if a man doesnt know that he is still under constant legal threat.
3) There will be an unprecedented increase in male-foeticide because after this law, who would want a male child and get arrested when he gets married?
4) More and more men will visit prostitutes leading to a massive increase of condoms sales. And those who cant go to prostitutes will turn homosexual.
5) Marriage will be non-existent and those getting married will be under constant risk of going bankrupt legally.
6) Those who can afford it will leave India for good because they will be safe in any country but India.

Women were madly waiting for this bill because they are certain that when it is introduced, then there will be no scope of amending it later. Not even the Government will be asking them to amend it sensing the danger of them getting politically boycotted by women organizations. However, they do try to deceive people saying that they will make sure that this law does not get misused. But the fact still remains that if at all they are motivated to stop misuse then why havent they done anything about IPC 498A (anti-dowry law), which is rampantly misused? For your information, Renuka Chowdhury, the executor of domestic violence bill, had once physically assaulted a police inspector with her chappal. If she is freely taking the laws into her hands, what to expect from other women?

It will be similar to the times for the country when Indira Gandhi has declared national emergency but this time only men will live like slaves. Dictatorship is here and legal extortionists the women, will become all powerful calling it as gender equality. This is India. After few years, if a survey is conducted on the worst country to live in, the answer will not be Iraq, Afghanistan, not even Brazil, it will undoubtedly be India.

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