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Duke University Math

As many are well aware of the Duke University lacrosse team fiasco it may come as a surprise to you what other things have transpired there, for most of the mainstream media (MSM) seem to not want to dig any deeper. The 88 professors that sign a condemnation of the innocent boys before any court case, or even the completion of the investigation, are now refusing to retract their signature and apologize. Many might have heard of to date as well. Yet the real interesting fact that points to how feminazis are really after turning all subjects into PC classes over logic, can be seen in one boy’s school marks. It seems he received an “F” on a math paper that was really an “A”. Since shortly after the incident, and being convicted in the feminist media of raping a black women, instead of being falsely accused of rape by a lying, whining, money grubbing striper, and a dishonorable lawyer, the boy’s female feminist professor felt she should turn his marks on their head to make them match her political beliefs too.

With lawyers being refused admissions in New Zealand for PC reasons and men avoiding university for endless feminist courses it is good to know that the bias that many men complain of by professors is all a figure of our angry white male imaginations too! Now that this has come to light you would think that Duke University would jump all over this and fire the feminist professor and set things to look right to all concerned (at minimum), yet you would be mistaken! The 88 (feminists & manginas) professors have joined with other Profs to stonewall or firewall any disciplining of the faculty at all. Months have gone by and nothing has happened on these issues as they hope to wait for things to blow over (with the help of the MSM).

This certainly gives much weight to what many MRAs have been saying about the Fabianistic take over of our western educational institutions, with the Sommers firing at Harvard and general chill at all universities to meet PC agendas from many hysterical quarters (as feminist politics distorts subjects like history, with revisionism, politics, biology, admissions with quotas- and even now math). In fact quotas have only hit a few bumps in the road as of late, due to black men taking spots away from white women (for that’s not right, for the social engineers are supposed to give away white men’s spots to women and blacks), ignoring the fact that Asians of both sexes don’t seem to need quotas to excel without them!

Did anyone doubt that once revisionism of history and biology (usually in the forum of not showing how men and women are in fact different and thus can’t be equal by nature) that they would stop there? Well, if this stands we can expect any male who speaks out at school to risk getting an “F” for an “A” in even a logical subject such as math, if the leadership of Duke doesn’t come down on this fast( or in fact the Duke leadership should be swept aside in a needed purge of political hacks over education and logic).

As for the other subjects, well they are already gone at most universities, in my opinion (and many others too). This is an important case study for there is no debate here with the marks. No artsy-fartsy terms to rationalize the downgrading of un-PC boys work, for math doesn’t allow such vague attitudes to allow Profs to hammer their direct boys with failure.

The Socratic question here is how would we measure how thorough this problem is, in higher education? Would questions of: “Do you as a teacher mark students that are restless, aggressively male, direct, and un-PC with lower marks because they remind you of past oppressors of your gender or race in history?” I’m sure that wouldn’t work. Or how about asking the student body to rank poof Profs for their bias? That won’t work either! How about the Dean and leadership of universities checking up on their teachers’ scientifically to see that this doesn’t happen? Well there are the 88 teachers at Duke that are unable to overcome pride or ego to admit to what everyone around the English-speaking world, who are flowing this story, knows! That the boys were in fact framed!

When honor is replaced with politics this is what you get, nothing is safe and all can be rationalized through emotions. For example: “Won’t the Duke leadership feelings be hurt, and so we should be patient in understanding their loss of face, and hope they learn from this fiasco” -says some effeminate on Oprah or Larry King?

Can’t you see when the culture is run by such attitudes of everything is gray ( non-judgmentalism at it core), then fox-leadership has a free hand. It is easy to play the effeminate Mangina shrinks game of follow everyone’s emotions. Yet, it is a fixed game where 88+F (for an A) = FUBAR societies. You do the math and see if you can come up with something better, for I can’t! Go ahead play with the numbers, it seems to be the thing to do.

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