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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Economic Theory

We had studied a theory in economics in school or college times. The theory of Diminishing Marginal Utility.
In short, the more we receive, the lesser we derive the satisfaction from every increase of units.

Media and NGOs has been putting excessive focus on crime against women. People too have started reacting rapidly on any crime against women.
Television is coming up with various woman-centric serials, constantly. All this will one day come to an end, for sure. People will get bored.

The satisfaction they are presently deriving from helping women or to get into the good books of a woman, will one day vanish.

As long as the desire to help women remains in their account, they will keeping helping women with diminishing satisfaction. And then, they will withdraw, permanently.

This does not mean we should do nothing. We shall keep blogging on various women issues that are extravagantly highlighted.
We shall protest against continous women-centric tv serials shown on television. We shall protest on the reason for difference in treatment given to women.

We shall protest against NGOs who have been encouraging misuse of laws.

We shall protest, Protest till these people get tired of supporting women.

They should feel exhausted to stop us.
They should quit stopping us. Soon you all will realise the diminishing marginal utility holding its principles on media, NGO and politicians.

They will diminish, their power to break marriages will diminish.

Keep the faith.


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