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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Fathers are better Mothers, but Mothers are not.

All over world Law and judges think only Mother can give better care to her child than Father, but there are many examples fathers are better mothers too. most of the time fathers do not act as mothers when mother is there, but in her absence he can act better than mother, herself.
Even children are closed to mother but most of the time they take guidance from father, especially girl child love her father than mother, and boys take father as role model for their future life.
I seen Father playing with children more than mother, and i also seen Children love to play with Fathers more than mother, a father can be Horse for them or ready to do any monkey tricks when he play; but I never seen mother doing all this.
Fathers are more protective towards their Children than Mother and selective in their food habits, friends circle and day to day activities than mothers.
This meant men were performing both roles of mother and father; other than breasts feed.(anyone is feeding nowadays ? [She stopped breast feed; to save her Beauty..

Now the research titled ‘Flexibility of the father’s brain‘ was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ‘Shifts in society and culture have led to increases in men’s involvement in the care of infants,’ writes researcher Dr Sarina Saturn of Oregon State University.

When a mother is present the father’s brain is less active emotionally, but they retain a level of critical thinking that makes them paternal. In the absence of a mother dads take on the role of both parents. The research could be important for the role dads can play in kids’ upbringing

The finding could be important for cases of divorce, where battles over custody are often ruled in the mother’s favour. And the study could bring into question the role men can play in a child’s upbringing. or totally uproot age old thinking against Fathers.

Other than above study, we found out from various sources that shows
Children of break-ups ‘safer with their dads’, Children do better when raised by their fathers Says – David Mortimer @ukfathers

Judiciary is treating men are Visitors only or ATM machine in Child custody and Support, this thinking should STOP.

STOP bias towards Fathers, they can be better than mothers


Respect Children rights, they need both parents

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