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Feline and Female

The building where i stay, in its compound where we have a separate walled space of junk yard without roof, recently one cat gave birth to 3 kittens, one month later one night i heard cat fighting and grumbling, as i know some male cat must have trying to mate mother of these kittens but next morning one kitten was found dead, i was sure this is that paramour male cat which kills male offspring’s which are future competitors for him. all this i can see from my second floor room Window.

As i was very fond of cats, i was watching them daily, when they play, sometimes throwing some biscuits too. as they grow up they need more milk but milk, but was not having enough milk. I saw them become thin day by day. I cannot bring them to my room, as when i went to office i cannot leave them out nor keep them in room. I Knew they will die, as Middle East hot burning summer just started, even if they don’t die of food but for sure they will die of heat and without water.

The big male cat boka was still visiting their mother, when he come one kitten with small head was not running and hiding but other cute one with little big head was running and hiding, that’s the sure sign is that small headed kitten is Female and other one is male.

I knew a Tamil butcher named chelian, every evening i was going to him as he throw away chicken wings and fish heads which he clean for a hotel. I asked him to keep some chicken wings or whatever leftover. Everyday i was bringing chicken wings and throwing in that compound. month passed now she kitten is double the size of he kitten. I thought mother or kitten divide and eat equally, but for my horror when i watched one day what they are doing. most of the time i was putting all chicken wings or fish heads in one plastic and throwing, to make sure it will fall inside compound in one place where they can see it falling. sometimes plastic burst open and pieces spill all over the place but most of the time plastic was intact. as soon as it fall both kittens come running, if he kitten get a Piece, it will take it the corner and eat it slowly peacefully, if she kitten reach plastic 1st them, it will sit over the plastic and eat most of the pieces one by one, most of the time i used to throw 8 wings, out of 8 she kitten was eating 6,sometimes he kitten was getting leftover bones only, As she kitten double than he kitten sometimes she was snatching piece from he kitten too.

This type of nature is not only for Felines but most of the Female nature too. they want everything; they want all worldly things,
If parents love one daughter another one is jealous, this jealous is more between sisters than brother and sister,
If Brother gives something to his sister then his wife will not only jealous but angry too. same apply to mother too;
If son gives something to mother then against his wife don’t like it, most burn inside when they are not able to stop their husband, giving support/money/gift to his mother.
Same some mothers also openly tell their son, as they think everything belongs to her son is hers or her birth right to take it. “You gave her things worth that much or German made expensive but for me this Chinese made….sob sob”

This real life story shows human nature very clearly too.

In India most of the Law makers are men, they make laws against their own kind, like Big Male cat killings male kitten.
Most of the laws are in favor of women.
Wife get big chunk of share from husband property, what is hers is hers and others also hers.
Most of the obsess people in India are women – same time born she kitten grown double in size than he kitten.

After all this is defect of gene, i think God was wrong in his calculation, or God know he done it deliberately to ruin man’s life. it may be Feline or female whole Gender is Defect. unfortunately God sent it to earth without return address.

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  1. wonderful article. I totally agree with u. This is a general behaviour of women.

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