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IPC 498a & Infrastructure development of India


Dharmo Rakshati RakshitaH.

IPC 498a section has been directly affecting the infrastructure & growth of the country for the last 2+ decades.


Many men know they are suffering, BUT many do not know why POLICE take action that STRINGENTLY when a wife complains.

This FIR creates a stigma naming an individual as a DOWRY seeker and this law as ‘DOWRY law’ but FIR stats shows >90% cases filed under this section are related to mental harrassment on a wife by her husband. http://www.saveindianfamily.org/blogs/2006/09/29/muslimman-suicide-498a.

 Many intellectuals(bureacrats) have been loosing their confidence, balance-thoughts, stability due to this section involving in their personal lives, affecting wiser thoughts for the development of the country. Infact, this suffering brought them to think more selfishly/unbalanced. These are the men who build/forms the civilized society. The current fate of Indias infrastructure is VERY MUCH related to this IPC 48a catastophe.


Most of the cases involve threatening or suppressing husbands by calling them to women police stations, regardless of whether a marital problem is due to economical / social / greedy reasons etc., Many husbands have been suffering due to this in India for several years. But majority remains calm. Husbands suffering subtly due to this section, by nature (due to social reasons.

whole game lies in demanding control (specialy finance) on husband’s family from wife’s family.


To Creator of this Section/Govt/Judiciary:

Women are regularly using this section either by threat or legal to demand control on marital life on husbands family. By national statistics — IPC 498a got only 2% convictions by courts every yr in the last 2 decades. That means atleast 60%+ cases (35% out of court settlements) men are wasting their career around roaming indian courts for nothing. how dangerously creator of this law exploiting resource of the young men of India!?

One such husband srivastava says -“when I found my wife is BAD at character, I sent her back to her parents to file divorce, automatically this section got used upon me.

Police came and arrest me & everyone in my family. My parents are in jail for 3 days and myself 18 days. It costed 2 lakhs to get bail(police can’t give bail, got to get from magistrate only). Now it took us 5 yrs and 4 mnths to come out as innocent from this case. I wasted my career span of 6 yrs due to this section.”


Srivastava also questions “First of all why me & my parents arrested and put in jail for so many days when we were INNOCENT. And arrested when my wife didn’t even stay with us in my apt and my parents dont even stay with my wife”.

whatever happened to srivastava, is happening with NOT 1000s but LAKHS of husbands in India for the last 2 decades.


Can the creator of this law answer this? does he/they take responsibility? who sues them for this GRAVE mistake of introducing such a MEANINGLESS LAW into the society presuming WOMEN are GOOD and MEN are BAD. why they go free?


“IPC 498a DIRTILY stands in between my career and my sons upbringing. I separated after 4 yrs of marriage, as it was costing my HEALTH/DEPRESSION. If IPC498a wouldn’t have been there, I would simply go to India and fight for my SON custody/visitation rights at family courts(civil case). My son needs my moral support”.


He also says –

“If I go now when 498a exists in India, either I will have to sacrifice my 6 to 8 yrs of my career/future around Indian criminal courts or go for a police/judicial-nexus compromise family-deal to continue with my evil wife, which would end me up having diabetes/BP/depression/suicide. Now my son is without his father there in India.”


The creator of this law MUST answer such lakhs of husbands similar questions, loosing several years of their career for other persons mistake.

This law makes assumption that daughter-in-law “women” ONLY suffers and men or his parents NEVER. Suspect is presumed AUTOMATICALLY GUILTY until proven in courts. This section in 82% cases is filed when women do not stay at her husbands place. There is no PERJURY ever used for false IPC 498a complaints in India (99%). http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=136812

About feminist organisations:

Last year, when a supreme court judge warned against IPC498a consequences on our culture (as legal-terrorism). Many women organisations members broke the furniture inside the court. Organisations also warned that, they can put up 5lakhs women on Indian roads, if anyone touches 498a.



Most laws in India related to matrimony/divorce/women are being designed by these groups either directly or indirectly and NOT by social-engineers/specialists.

Why media behaves UTTERLY different when it comes to women, considering men as purely disposable.?


Other thoughts!!

Statistics go with FIRs filed at Indian police stations (not by court judgement). Govt/media are relying on this section statistics to decide on “crime/harrassment against women”. 80% of criminal cases filed against women are IPC 498a, interestingly after marriage. No body is taking time to research on this hidden-social catastrophe for fear/negligence. Last year alone AndhraPrdsh got 8000 cases filed with 498a. That shows political non-thinkers, think blindly that crime against women due to harrassment/cruelty is raising every year.


This will raise further catastrophe and encourages development of mitigated / weak bureacratic minds in Indian society.

1 thought on “IPC 498a & Infrastructure development of India

  1. I really appreciate your content that has projected the reality. The time is coming as the husbands will be just be have to live like slaves with out any humanity. I hope it is too late still we men have to gather to face these worst intolerable law. We have to protect our parents even the sisters and mother who too are women are victims of this unjustifiable law. I wish please visit this blog and please give comments. wehttp://endofhumanityformen.blog.com/

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