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Let’s Stop Trying to Fix the Unfixable

The Honor Network would like to welcome Elder George, who used to write for MND (Men’s News Daily), to HN’s promoted writers in the forums we supply. His issue of choice, in which to specialize in, is patriarchy.

Would you buy a car that never worked? If the salesman and mechanic explained that it is the best-designed car on the market, its just that a few kinks have to be ironed out, would you buy it? Would you go to a surgeon who had never performed a successful surgery? Would you go to a doctor who had never treated your type of illness? Then why tote a form of government that has never worked?

The defenders of our republic, Constitution, and democracy offer an infinite number of reasons why it doesnt work. The following were two in response to my last article: “The emasculation of the American male was done through feminist lies, news media lies and incompetence, and judicial activism. A lot of that was both unconstitutional and undemocratic.” “The lawmakers and judges in particular have failed the Constitution. Lawmakers pass laws contrary to the constitution. Judges interpret the constitution any way they please, contrary to the intent of the constitution.” If lawmakers and judges cant make the Constitution work, who can?

Our conditioning through the educational systems causes us to “believe” that democracy and a representative form of government is the best system, but it has never worked anywhere. The ancient Greeks tried it for a short time and got rid of it. Plato considered it to be the worst form of government before complete tyranny set in. Madison, Jefferson, and Adams all regretted what they had created. De Tocqueville wrote about the failings of democracy in 19th century America, and MND offers an unlimited source of those who make excuses for the failure of democracy.

I offer you Patriarchy. It has worked everywhere! In North American, South America, Africa, Polynesia, and Asia. It has worked for millennia. For the Bible toters, are you not familiar with the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph? Their society was patriarchal, and polygamous as well.

The make up of the central government becomes inconsequential when patriarchy is firmly entrenched. Ghengis Khan, Tamerlane, and the Indian Satraps, all came and went without affecting family life. Patriarchy is an insulator of family life. Patriarchy is the rule of men. The only other choice is the rule of law. I opt for the rule of men any time. The rule of men results in the establishment of family life: the source of our character development, the center of nurturing, and focus of our daily activities.

Those men who are sitting in prison because of unjust accusations of rape or sexual harassment are not interested in some excuse as to why democracy hasnt worked. They want out. Those men who have lost custody of their children are not interested in tinkering with something that caused their loss. They want their children back. Those men who have seen the destruction of all that they lived and worked for through “no fault divorce” are not interested in a dissertation of representative government. Those men who are on probation, who are facing prison, whose lives are in shambles want the hope of something better than that which caused their problems.

We live under socialism that is rapidly devolving into tyranny. I am looking for men—real men to stand up and make change. To be counted. To say that they have had enough, that they have nothing to lose, and that they have everything to gain to make change. I am looking for men who are tired of being classified as wage earners, industrial donkeys, and jackasses on the treadmill of production. I am looking for men who want to reassert their manhood. I am looking for men who are ready to stand up and shout I AM A MAN, I AM A REAL MAN.

Enough with the naysayers and excuse makers, I am looking for men of action. Let me have your comments or contact me at www.mensaction.net. Now is the time to assert yourself.

For More of Elders work please click the link below:

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