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Marriage and Indian Legal System – By: Friend Friend

Marriage has become a sham and a fraud in India. Some Indian wives and husbands (from well connected families of Indian lawyers and judges) who were previously married in India have separately married foreign citizens abroad without obtaining a divorce from their Indian spouses. This shows how much respect these individuals and their families have for the Hindu Marriage Act. What morals! What an example they are setting for the average Indian! However, the same lawyers and judges order other people living in India or abroad regarding how they should live their life. This would indicate that the laws are different for common people as compared to the politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary, legal system, industrialists, etc. in India. When money is to be made, the rule book goes out of the window.

Other Indian women who want a rich husband (who would not ask for dowry) or want to join their boyfriends who had emigrated abroad or just want to better their life by emigrating abroad along with their families go one step further. Most NRI professionals who have done well abroad come from a middle class background in India and despite being independantly wealthy, they seek a wife from a similar background as theirs and are obviously not interested in a dowry. Some educated women/their parents look for a well-off and well-educated NRI professional to marry and financially help/sponsor the wife's family. Most of the times, the relationship works out reasonably well. However, if the woman is intolerant and does not realize that most people living abroad do not have servants to abuse as they might have gotten used to in India, then it leads to a problem. If the hard-working NRI husband asks the wife to share some of the house-work, then she flares up.

All such women have the right to move on with their lives and some do. Some look for their old boyfriends or other richer NRIs and others marry foreigners and rejoice in the knowledge that they are nolonger Indian (because they change their last and first name or acquire a Christian middle name). Most women know how easy it is to get their sponsorship through their NRI husbands even if the relationship is not working out. Moreover, a certain number of the abusive women want to bleed their husbands and in-laws for all what they can get as well as harass them until they get what they want. These are the women who file false dowry and domestic violence accusations.

The Hindu marriage and divorce laws needs to be re-written/ updated. Marriage or divorce is a personal choice. There can be no law that should force a person to stay with another if he/she is not willing to. This is against the basic human rights and the person's right to exercise free will. Indian divorce law should include – “irreconciliable differences” or “incompatibility” as grounds for divorce. When determining alimony/support etc. the wife's earning-ability should be considered. Just because the husband works in the United States, it does not make any logical sense for law makers to prescribe “50 percent of his earnings” as support for
his ex-wife who resides in India where cost of living is much lower.

The Indian legal system does not recognize foreign marriages, divorces and custody orders (even for foreign citizens of Indian origin) when it suites them. Even child abduction (of foreign citizens) from another country to India is not considered a crime, and gender bias as well as elder abuse has been taken to a new height. Moreover, the Indian government and legal system wants all other countries to recognize their marriage certificates, divorce and custody orders as well as the orders issued based on unsubstantiated and un-investigated accusations made by the Indians with special influence or connections in India. When implementing laws that govern a nation, serious thoughts need to be given to issues such as the above.

The Indian legal system should not become a pawn for the FemiNazi who advocate freedom to sleep around and live off as well as abuse their husbands (and in-laws) but do not feel any shame in demanding money by way of support for themselves and their parents. Adultery by a wife is not considered adultery in India and bigamy is not bigamy unless one of the partners were to complain. If India wants to command respect from other nations, it has to seriously consider fixing the legal system such that the bad laws or lack of meaningful ones does not become the single most important determining factor for NRIs to feel betrayed by the Indian government. India should do all it takes to correct the bad laws such that the world respects India as a whole and not just the producer of Software and other professionals. All will be lost if the Indian laws become the butt-end of state dinner jokes for the international dignitaries.

From: Friend Friend
for SaveFamily.org  

10 thoughts on “Marriage and Indian Legal System – By: Friend Friend

  1. The author seems to have had a bad personal experience or just doesn’t understand the Indian culture too well.

  2. Indian laws take into account marriage and divorce certificates from other countries. Adultery by a wife is considered adultery in India. The author is deficient in knowledge and has openly metted out his personal frustrations through this article, quite understadably!

  3. Ms. Priya, you are totally worng and writter is right, it be your ignorence or trying to fool the people they way indian goverment done till date, adultrity is not a crime for indian women and the law comission of india had recently proposed to make the same gender euall , but National comission of women refuse the same and even demanded the aldutrous women also should get maintince form husabnd.
    The day adultrity will be crime for wife in india, at least every year lacks of wife will be convected in the court, so if you have honesty ask the National comission of women to make the adultrity as gender eaull.
    For your reference :
    National Commission of Women or National Commission of Adulterous women?

    One hand LAW Commission of India recommended making the Adultrity a Crime for Both the Partner Men and women under IPC497, as presently there is no punishment for a adulterous women, but our National Commission of Women objected the same and proposed to make it civil law and government are silent on that area.

    Now recently in News of Mail Today, NCW suggests alimony for live-in partners, writtnen By Sunaina Anand in New Delhi and NCW(Ms.Girija Vyas) also suggest that the clause of ” living-in-adultrity” to be removed from the CRPC 125 maintenance case, means a women can live in adultrity and claim the 33% of maintenance from the multiple husbands.

    Already as per law even when a women caught red handed in adultrity case, there is no punishment to her, inspite of husband proved the same in court, maximum the judge can refused her claim of maintance, but no punishment, as it is not crime for a wife.

    But, here also a Judge can’t do the same as , she just say, ok, “I was in adutrity relationship, but presently I have not living in adultrity.’

    The law had been already amended the word “Lived in adultrity to living in adultrity”, so how the claim of NCW(Ms.Girija Vyas) is justified only god knows or it is their desperate attempt to give a whole sale free license to Indian women to do the adultrity and use the Husband as a Free ATM machine?

    CRPC125 is a criminal case and it clearly mentioned, any women who can’t maintain herself to live a life can claim maintenance (no limit) from husband.

    From the court record it is evident, maximum women who are well educated, working and healthy to earn themselves rush to the court and want money form the husband, but do not forget to file another criminal case (like 498A DV act), mentioning that their husband ill-treat them for money, but they themselves openly demanding money as a legal extortion and that is not a crime in India. Further to note, if a women earn the money and husband due to some any reason not able to earn the money, even if he is ill or any other condition, he is not eligible for any maintenance form the working women, irrespective he had earned lacks of rupees and given to his wife.

    So the question arises: Is Indian Husband is a Free ATM Machine for Indian wives?

    This is called the present Justice system in India and equal right in India.

    For a wife even adultrity also is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of “Name-calling” is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/age-old father also can be put behind the bar under 498A or DV act.

  4. Adultry is no more crime for female.
    Ms Priya, correct ur facts before commenting

  5. It’s crime to be born as male in our country and punishment for those women who are mother, sister or sister-in-law of a husband. NCW and other organizations who work for women upliftment are actually money making machines for politicians, judiciary and other linked bodies in the garb of equality and women upliftment. How many women who are actually been exploited have benifited by these organisations except unscrupulous ones.

    Our politicians have been involved in dividing the Indian society first on caste and religion and now on gender just for their evil designs and dirty vote bank politics. They know the day common people come out of their daily struggle to survive, they will start questioning these politicians and raise their voice against this dirty politics.

  6. Make a group of people and kill these blood sucking whores, slaughter these bitches and before that victims should chop their brothers or fathers and support system so that the fucking law knows what it has done. Indian judiciary is making criminals of innocent people.
    Fuck the law and rape the judge.
    Hindustan mein ab randiyon ka raaj hai

  7. I guess this is a forum for men to share their bad experiences – some form of a support group. Your facts and discussions are too biased and any healthy conversation here is next to impossible.

    I do agree that some women are taking undue advantages of the Indian Judicial System which in itself is a crime, but please do not post such text which only reads hatred towards the fairer sex.

  8. Ms. Priya

    It is require to ‘ve knowledge on something before commenting on the matter.

    The writer is absolutely right.

    Think you fall in the same category what the writer has mentioned and you are trying to cover up the thing using such type of comment.

  9. I dont understand why the author wants only the Hindu laws to be updated or rewritten. What about other religious personal laws?

    //76% of the Population of India are hindus, let it change first, who care about minority — eDitor

  10. The fact is that the Anti dowry law and the domestic violence law are gender biased only a woman can be a victim of domestic violence !!!

    such is the land of india where women who were the anchors of the indian faimly system are now the yamraj of the same.

    99% of cases files under dowry law are false and who cares not the politicians or the police because they get vote bank from evil indian women and money extorted from emns faimilies.

    I as an indian denounce and degrade the indian woman to the worst on this planet a vicious cunning predator like a female tarantula or a black widow spider.

    I hope that these indian burn in the dowry deaths they so vehemently charge poor inncocent husbands with in false fabricated cases.

    I hope that girl child gets killed in india.

    No indian man educated should marry an indian woman is my advice go abroad or marry from abroad these indian women are evil and sick predators.

    They ask huge salaries from indian prospective grooms yet when the grooms faimly expects the same it is called dowry.
    I hope all indian women rot in hell.

    I curse them because used to love and idolize them once and now i wish they all suffer and burn in hell.

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