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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Indians Mentality

Indians are very Famous in carrying things in Plastic bag and take it anywhere and at home also they cover Everything with PLASTIC.

They carry tap water in Mineral water bottle and think that’s NORMAL.

Boys roam around with other boys, hand in Hand and no one think they are GAY.

In a group of Girls all feel urge of Urine at once and go to Bathroom at once even there is only one TOILET.

I stayed with others in Hostel/CAMP and seen, many waste more water than they use it while Brush or take BATH. or switch on Light/FAN and forget it.

They think Public property is not break or destroy it without thinking they paid the TAX.

They never check or ask Doctor what Tablet he prescribed, they take it without asking a question; Even if you ask Doctor, even himself do not know they are for.

Women in India are endangered Protective species, All government facilities are for Women only, and government think Men are not in existence.

India still use British made laws even after they left almost 75 years back.

There are more useless laws than useful once.

All Laws are ment to be misused.

False case victims think someone else will change law for them and DO NOTHING.

Police think whoever complain first is RIGHT

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