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Marraige Law amendmet bill – By the Feminists , For the Legal terrorists

Dissatisfied that the DV act did not turn out to be the property grabbing law that had thought it would become after the famous Batra vs Batra judgement of the Honorable Supreme Court , the Indian Feminists are now lobbying for the even more biased and dangerous Marraige Law amendment Bill , which is being brought in with little debate . The bill which proposes to divide the property of the husband as if cheese cake and give most the assest to the wife and the liability to the husband is surprisingly being supported by the Law minister Salman Khurshid for reasons knows best to him. In a hypermaterialistic country with property prices shooting through the roof , this law will cause severe social and marital destruction in all forms.

The Marraige Law Amendment bill or MAD bill as it is being referred to in many facebook and other social networks by shocked Indians is being driven by a few womens rights groups , who have also held the country hostage earlier during the amendment of section 498a which was ordered by the Honorable SC itself. However the even most disturing aspect of the bill is that the Government is in a tearing hurry to bring in a law which will lead to sensational chaos , family destruction , murders for property and untimely demise of the 10,000 year old family system. Rewarding vicious women and penalizing innocent men seems to become the motto of the government in recent times as it blindly listens to a  few womens organisations who have never taken up the cause of young unmarried girls facing harassment from their own parents, in their natal homes, or the cause of widows who suffer social bias, or the cause of old women being harassed in their families, especially old mothers-in-law tortured by their daughters-in-law. Feminists have readily taken up and blown the trumpet far out of proportion for young and newly married women because the money lies there. It is a highly politically correct issue to create channels of tax-free wealth transfer from husband to wife because the social role of a PROVIDER has been ascribed to a man and there is no concept of responsibility on a woman, nor are there any penal provisions for a woman not fulfilling her responsibility as a wife in a marriage. Claims by feminists are highly bogus and when they are challenged with actual data, they come up with hollow analogies like Sita and Savitri.First of all, these are all mythological characters and there is no evidence at all if they existed and the stories that we’ve been hearing about them since childhood have any iota of truth in it.

Similar property law in China was amended by the Chinese Supreme Court after severe misuse


“With divorce rates soaring, and widespread worries about a new culture of hyper-materialism, the Chinese government is now trying to stop women marrying for money. In a bid to temper the rising expectations of Chinese women, China’s Supreme Court has now ruled that from now on, the person who buys the family home, or the parents who advance them the money, will get to keep it after divorce. “Hopefully this will help educate younger people, especially younger women, to be more independent, and to think of marriage in the right way rather than worshipping money so much,” said Hu Jiachu, a lawyer in Hunan province. The ruling should also help relieve some of the burden on young Chinese men, many of whom fret about the difficulty of buying even a small apartment. China’s huge property bubble has driven property prices in Shanghai up to £5,000 per square metre when annual salaries average just £6,000.”

Why the Marraige Law amendment bill is Very dangerous ?

The most destrictive features of the MAD bill:

1. This is a law drafted by the radical feminists , for the legal terrorists.  The law only speaks of the assets of the husband , why is wife also not entitled to 50% of the husbands liabilities ? Is Marraige a relationship to profit for a woman ?  In the law a Husband can NOT oppose the Divorce Petition filed by the wife filed under IrBM (In India even Kasab has right to Oppose his case but Husbands are not allowed hence making it Unconstitutional u/s 15 of the Constitution of India)

2. 50% of Residential Property of Husband will be given to wife BY LAW. No Questions asked on Duties, Liabilities. Only Profits are shared. This does not happen even in splits of business under partnership as Liabilities and Duties are also shared equally. Looks Like Government of India does not consider Marriage as even Partnership but only as Proprietorship where all benefits goes to Wife and all losses goes to Husband. Residential Property of Husband could be before / during the marriage that means that if you are unmarried and you purchase a house, even that will get divided post marriage and Divorce under IrBM.

4. This does NOT do away with the any of the existing penalties to Husbands like Jail, Mulitiple  Maintenance, Residence Rights, Protection Rights, in a DV ACT  No custody, etc etc. Wife ONLY gets Right to Property thus forcing Husband, his Old Age Parents and his other dependent family member (unmarried sister, Pregnant sister-in-laws, next generations in the womb of women in the family etc) to die on Streets of India. This is over and above the way Domestic Violence Act that throws out Husband and his Parents & family members in an easy combination of “Right of Residence” and “Protection Order”. So, Parental home goes under wife’s custody and Husband’s Property in any case is 50% hers.

5. With no current clarity of definition of Marital Property, even acquired Parental Property could goto wives. Isnt this a plan to increase male foeticide (which as such is a hidden fact because of women’ organisation’s pressure)?

6. Since, this inhuman experiment is being done on Hindu Husbands, it will invite other religions (which are not covered under HMA) to get conversions done from Hindu to their community and thus reducing the Hindu Vote Bank and Hinduism from the country.


Indians demand the immediate resignation of Law Ministry Salman Khurshid for making amendment after amendment in a bill without any debate with the citizenary of the nation. Who is he to decide on the future of the Hindu family system ? Also we demand that the Women and Child Ministry be relieved from law making with immediate effect since it is clear that that they have locus standi on welfare of men and the family system in general and such a ministry cannot be entrusted to create laws of such sensitive nature . The law needs to be put up for larger public debate and Indian citizens must be allowed to speak and voice their opinons on the MAD bill.

By: Arnab Ganguly.

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