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Mommy Dearest Murders 4 Daughters

Dateline: Washington. DC, USA
By: Intrepid
From: Globe & Mail
Via: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

A mother stab, strangled, beat and poisoned her 4 daughters virtually on the doorstep of the US elected seat of government. Note how in this article how the media centers very quickly on the fathers, who have nothing to do with the 4 murders, and are brought in quickly to blame in some way for not being there just as the state enforced it to be.This empowered mother seems to have slept with 3 different men and chose to have children with each of them, and the state said, “OK great you don’t need to get married, and we won’t stop you from doing more of the same.” If the fathers had any problems with this mother, they were likely told to butt out and simply pay for this women’s bringing up of the girls blindly, and any formal complaints from them will likely be covered up.When will mothers be held accountable for such deeds without blaming the fathers who are forced out by the state? As we can see Mommy Dearest is perfect and always knows best and would never hurt her children??? Or so the feminists, the media and government keep telling us!

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