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Proposed Pre-marital agreement

A formal document with vital details about the wedding and the expected circumstances of married life should be made and signed by both parties involved. Some of the important points can be as follows

1. Details of dowry and gifts (Laanchanaalu) given to the groom/groom’ s family

2. Details of how the wedding was performed and money spent by  both parties

3. The composition of the family (joint family or otherwise), with details of the members of the family with whom the newly wed couple would live together with.

4. A note on seeking settlement through a counselor or an arbitrator in case of any dispute; the last resort to resolve would be either through civil courts or Lok Adalat.

5. If apprehension of any criminal acts (on the bride), she will leave to the safety of her maternal place and claim all the items listed in 1 and 2 (above).

6. A promise not to make a police case under any of the aforementioned situations.

7. Details of child visitation rights and custody, in case of legal separation

The agreement will be signed by both parties and family members.

Signed copies to be sent to Commissioner of Police, Mahila Commission,Dowry Prohibition Officer, Project Director of Women & Child Welfare,in addition to having copies with both families.



2 thoughts on “Proposed Pre-marital agreement

  1. Well, Its about time a Prenuptunial agreement came into India,with all these women and their families behind the man’s suffering will be reduced by a great extent with such an agreement.

  2. how about ” No Dowry Agreement by both parties before marriage?????”

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