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WOMEN ONLY RESERVE – Only Solution for Feminists all Problems

Feminists do not have capacity to make anything their own, that’s why always play Victim card to get everything, even they get everything they are not happy; only solution for their all problem, not making Equality Law or Reservation for them but creating WOMEN ONLY RESERVE.

Everything in this world is called MAN-MADE, because everything from needle, Super computers, and Rocket to Titanic built by Men, not by Women, that’s why none is called Women Made. Men fought War for Women, civilizations lost, Countries and Kingdoms lost because of Women. so as they wish to rule as per their wish and capacity it is better give them a WOMEN ONLY RESERVE, a No-man’s barren Land on the border of most violent neighbor country, let them fight and secure their own borders, let them build their own cities, roads, bridges, dams and buildings, as most of the cities, Town, Roads, bridges, laws and Constitutions made by Men only, let not allow them to use what man has built.

Earlier to my same message one Feminists Commented sarcastically saying, We make Men, they born out of us, We gave birth to Men. I replied where I denied, off course you made it with men Supports, without men you cannot do anything.

We know there are such Feminists, that’s why we request every government to create a Reserve only for Women, Let them enjoy their Freedom, make their own laws and rules for them and Let not allow them to use the things made by Men. Let them call their Drainage Hole as Women Hole instead Manhole we have no objection, We Men with love Built Taj Mahal for them, We sent them to Space on Men made Rockets, Made laws and rules to Protect them, when they are allergic to all Men made things then there is no option left than make a WOMEN ONLY RESERVE.

5 thoughts on “WOMEN ONLY RESERVE – Only Solution for Feminists all Problems

  1. Exactly,
    All that fake feminist women need or demand today is worthless freedom, free relationship without responsibility, multiple changeable partners and freedom of nakedness. Family values have been far forgotten. They deserve to be given what they want… FREEDOM
    They must taste what men has swallowed in centuries of development of humankind, because they have even forgotten, that the laws they use and are proud of weer initiated by and implimented by MEN.

  2. Mandkind…
    Very evolved and protective species, even male animals protect and fight for their families, unlike other gender who runs after temporary attractions.

  3. Our country is addressed as Bharat Mata. Indian culture repects mother. Thus in the family our ancestors thaught us to respect mother in the family and thus to inculcae the habit in the society ,we were thaught to respect all women. Some women statred misusing this point slowly in the name of freedom to to womem. It is surprising to note and understand the arguments that women need freedom when a women need the support of a Father, Brother, Husband and Son throught out their life . All the fake talk of this psuedo Feminists which is misleading the society and is misused by corrupt polity is just for SELFISH MOTIVES. In the process MEN are being HUMILIATED in a METHADOGICAL WAY.

  4. What in the fuck did I just run into? All you guys do is scream and cry when you can’t control women. Same guys who don’t care when they are raped and abused and all that. Yes I was raped even though I’m a man. So were my wife and cousin but they were the only ones put down for it and called dirty. What was this particular post even about? Whatever it was, know that women birthed you and fed you mik from their tits. It’s women you’re most likely attracted to. You guys just hate and hate and hate when a girl wins a fight you had with them and somehow that’s wrong and makes you hate all of them. Sorry you’re that hurt. Also, the person who used to rape me? It was my mother. But that didn’t make me hate woman as bad as you guys do even though I probably suffered because of a women more than most of you Like really– “keeping your kids away” or “protecting them from you and now you’re mad so it’s her fault?”. So, what they hell is your excuse?

  5. Oh and one more thing!
    I already know the comments go through a vetting process before being shown so that no one who disagrees with you will ever be shown so that you can keep up the illusion that you guys are liked and tolerated more than what is actually going on and that there’s more of you than what actually is. To be honest if you do end up keeping this one comment it’ll prove my point even more because it’ll be the only one of its kind on your site which will make it apparent that simply mentioning this made you approve my comment so that it’ll look like I was wrong.

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