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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Role of Legal Advisor in Promoting Legal Terrorism ?

Lets take an example of Terrorists.

Two scenarios are possible.

1. Person has a criminal tendencies and he does it for money and out of fun. It’s their Interest to indulge into terrorism.

2. A person out of frustration due to their own understanding of situation, want some result to happen, but do not know how to achieve it.
Some one guides them that take up arms, taking advantage of their situation for their own petty interest. And in frustrating situation, humans thinking power always diminishes. They take up the suggestion. And there after repent later on. But it is like a broken arrow now. They can’t undo the thing, they can’t go back.

A) Similarly for 498A, there are people who use this mean as money extortion, they know the laws, their target is money only. They guide their Legal advisor, or as we all are aware, they get the Public solicitor in any case, so they just file the complaint in police station. They ask legal advisor to assist them in getting their intentions fulfilled.

B) People due to differences in openion, want divorce, here is again difference of openion, Party A(Female side) wants, Party B is resisting. They go to legal advisor for solution. They are not aware of the law. They want divorce. Now Legal advisor says, if you go by proper channel, our judicial system is going to take hell lot of time. If you take this root, it will fulfill your intention in quick time. Party A think, reconciliation is not possible, and they cannot afford to loose time. They take it up as an alternative. It’s no difficult task to convince them either that they are not doing anything wrong. People do get brainwashed. Human minds tendency is too always take the easiest and shortest route, isn’t it?

Now in Scenario B, who is responsible? Party A, legal advisor, Party B, or All? Legal advisor didn’t went to their doorstep, but wasn’t this idea was infused into Party A? Here Legal advisor will also think, if they will not suggest this, other person will suggest this, why loose a client?

Possible Repurcussions.

– Party B decides to fight it legally, now party A is stuck again, involved in long battle, which was not the intention.
– Party B settles the dispute, Party A and B is still affected, they always realize it later. Life is never the same again. It always leaves a very deep impact on psychology of a person. Person cannot be brainwashed forever.
– Party B, out of humiliation, now takes up illegal means, takes matter into hands. Now both party are criminal.

In Scenario A, I always recommend to fight.

This is what I have understood, this is about bringing Harmony in relationship. Harmony cannot be brought by Law. Law only brings fear. I’m not against the law. State of woman in india is actually bad. Do not leave loopholes in laws which can defy the justice to those woman also who actually needs it. Most of the time limited resources are preoccupied in solving these false cases from educated people, and never reach those who actually needs them. These laws needs reformation, when a person does not fear these, which can actually bring harmony. When noone feel humiliated.

Woman means woman, not just Daughter in Laws.

By:Hemant Kumar

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