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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Running from the Feminist and Mangina Cows

Women in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, world-famous for its ferocious bull-running festival, are demanding their own version complete with cows instead of bulls.
A student website, www.estudiln.net, set the ball rolling with its campaign “Cows want to run” which asks for a separate encierro, as the bull-runs are known, where only women are allowed to take part.

Rules for the Running
From: The Ms. Head Fat Ugly Cow

The cows must get equal pay for half the work! The cows can’t be killed (for we are vegetarians). We need all horns dulled, the distance halved (for someone might get heart stroke)- for God’s sake its Spain in summer, and there is no rain on the plain! Audrey Hepburn is a patriarchal tool!

No running for someone might get hurt, pink power ranger bandanas with matching high heels & purses are a must (and the socialist Spanish government must pay for this or I’ll have a hissy-fit and use bad language). We believe in true equality so male bulls can take part, but they have to be neutered and look at other male bulls for their lusting. * Chewing your cud is Ok as long as you don’t use tobacco. And finally we are all one heard so no straying from the parade route that goes past the herbal store. (Where granola bars are half price!)

Note very small print below!
*-Which should be state law for all males, like that being pushed in California for pets.

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