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Stop Women Sexual harassment at Work Place.

Only way to STOP so called sexual harassment of women at work place is STOP employing them. No women employee – No sexual harassment.

Inspite of having more than 500 IPC law for all the crime including eve teasing LAW, Rape LAW, physical assault LAW, National Commission of Women (NCW) and their supporter demanded ” STOP Women Sexual Harassment’ instead of terming the same Stop Harassment at work place and refuse to accept that in any working field the harassment faced by men if not equal , more than women.

Seems NCW not happy, as today’s corporate world prefers the un-written reservation for Indian Women in their working arena.

Today’s high pressure work gives us the salary at least 10 times more than what we used to get 10 years back. But when it comes to compare the work vs. salary, it seems National Commission of Women and their sister organizations prefers to chose the path of “Legal Terrorism”.

Simple rule in the name of Women Sexual Harassment Act, those lazy, non performer will use the Women Sexual act to earn the money as a free meal.

After 498a, anti-dowry law, Domestic Violence Act, where every where the assumption that a Women born in a Raja Harish Chandra family (Never lie) and all the Men born in Criminal family only.

As a evidence in last 20 years we have witness how those LAW had been destroyed the basic foundation and trust in the family, just check up the Single parenting Child’s stastics today Vs. 20 years Back.

Check the Crime against women stastics: Today vs. 20 Years back.
Check the Crime against Men stastics: Today vs. 20 Years back .

So, the camping already started at Corporate World:

Stop Women Sexual harassment at Work Place.

How to do that ?

Mr. Dsouza a project manager of a Famous IT company says,
Only way to STOP so called sexual harassment of women at work place is STOP employing them.
No women employee – No sexual harassment.

Delhi based 33 Years Rup Roy, working in a Leading Corporate Group as a Marketing Head explain his action in his New Marketing Project team:” I had already refused to keep the female Sales Coordinator- in my project and clearly told to my MD with a polite language, that I need Vipul, not Ms……. very simple. Let my MD take the decision, he needs me or the account Ms……
Let do it at your own place as a protest. Explain them, if I can’t delivery your target due to her non performance, she will file a sexual harassment case against me, hence, better not to work with them at all.”

Another marketing guy from Bangalore says, ” Rup’s decision is not the ideal one, but we’re living in an imperfect world, where man-woman and husband-wife relations have already been deteriorating by misuse of laws against men. If NCW is not ready to fix the situation, more women will suffer. Even if we don’t want women to suffer, we’ve been made helpless by laws. So Rup’s decision, even if not ideal, is certainly practical. Laws have made women more unpredictable than ever before.”

In response Rup explain, “I know my dear, it is not only fail to a ideal action, it was a shocking for my MD also. Why I do not want a female -sales coordinator in our team? But I am not so courageous to take a false blame of sexual harassment and then loose the Job, inspite of that I will prefer to loose the Job at the start itself, before joining such organization, who does not give the equal right and dignity to a men as well as women employee.

If any one have courage to take the blame of a false sexual harassment case on his head and then loose the job , can chose their own path .

Let the women make their separate office and set up and men set up their own office and set up , when our LAW maker do not want the harmony at work place , why we should take the risk to maintain a harmony in the work place and do the crime ?

So, let we Marketing Guys try to achieve our sales target without sales-coordinator, if required we will Change the job , but will not try to achieve our sales target through a female sale coordinator and take that risk to loose the job with a false sexual harassment allegation on head. Let NCW and LAW maker decided, what they want.”

Yogesh a 56 years Government servant explain, inspite of no special Sexual harassment Law already faced the tune in his job and as a caution to others says ,”You just can not relie to any one. He had given an excellent testimonial to one of his female project worker’s activity. After a few months she joined with certain rivals and made a written complaint against me of staring at her. This is a great gift from her before getting retire from the Job.”

With a sweet smile Ms. Rshama Swamay , vice president of a Corporate HR says , “Rup ,I may agree to your idea but if they are kept out of work force then some scrumptious mind will force a new idea of a bill naming it as “Women in Workforce Reservation Bill” to compulsorarily keep this much percentage of women in a private or public limited office. I think with your kind of right approach it will be some time to get your idea grill in but there could be other way to safeguard. So what your 2 penny wisdom say to above?”

Rup with his tie keep loose start ,'”today it is unwritten reservation in all private firms by HR department. Take the interview of a Man with a MBA degree and same qualification of a women MBA degree, may be the women have less marks in the college, take it grantee in 98% cases the women will be selected .Same condition apply for all other area also , *Job Oppurtinitute vs. Qualification starting from Media Industry to prostitute Industry.*

Further he added ,”I strongly believe women labialisation itself men’s liberation ,let them work and earn the money to feed their boy friends and part time husband , I do not mind . The more women will work , will get tried and get less time to fight with their husband, (those people had been abused by working wife, can’t imagine, how dangerous situation they would have been faced at
least 10 times more abuse, if they not had been working women , as a witness we can refer a lot of 498a cases where the wife used to work before marriage, but after marriage prefers to stay at home , but dream their lavish life style without working outdoor )and also the purchasing power of
Common people will increase as we know the women spend more on shopping, than men.”

“If we look towards the GD growth theory and if we want the better economy of this country , we can’t achieve the same by increasing the Tax difference between a men vs. women or subsidy in excise, sales tax benefit to corporate Industry , we have to increase the Purchasing power of the Common People” says Mr. Arindam Sarkar a young economist of Kolkata.

So, Indian men can go for their own business or own work or just sit at home to take care the child and women can work at office and earn the money to feed the family..etc , so that at the time of maintaince act, they can’t refuse to pay the alimony to their husbands, believe in 21st century , Indian women are not abal nari…. .!!!

At last , today we have more than 90% MP are male , result the question still unanswered for more than 60 years ,Why “Zero” Fund for Men Well fare?

“So, I personnel do not mind to give them not only 30% , 50% reservation in all the fields , including army , Politics also , then only those Pimp MP’s will understand , let them also get the heat of those women in the parliament and the So called Women Sexual Harassment LAW should be applicable in the Parliament House also and let we guys, who got the job on our own effort , not by showing the sexual parts of the body , prefers to work without a female sales-coordinator ” another It project’s Vice President of Ex Wipro says.

“As a Individual, I fully support of 50% reservation of women in all the field, instead of all this stupid caste reservation theory. Getting more than 90% men MP is a wastage of our life , instead of that I will love to get killed in the hand of women MP, at least I can sought that, they are biased as they are male hater.” sought Mr. Sachit Dalal another guy at Delhi.

“I do not mind to work in a office without women, let the women also learn to work in a office without men. In every office two separate offices should be there (at least 5 Km distance
each other):

Like Men’s department @ Noida

Women’s department. @ CP.

Let see who give better result for the company. No interference to each and other’s department, result will give the picture to the Organization’s owner. Because the proposed Sexual Harassment LAW will reduce the working capability of Good employee of the organization, let it be men or women, it will spoil the work culture in any organization.

Let review :’It Was A Crime That I Was Born As Man’

Save Indian Family foundation and MyNation propose, before implement the “Women sexual harassment Act ” our Parliament should represent with 50% Men MP and 50% Women MP.

Then this act should be used for two parliament session as a testimony , before implementing to common people.

When our 90% Men MP can’t handle a MP like Ms. Mamta , Mayawabati or Ms Bindra karte for get about Sonia Gandhi , who are openly support the Breaking of Judge’s Chair or justify the rape of more than 500 women in a Dark night by Police at Nandi Gram of West Bengal , wonder it will be a great harmony to implement the “Women sexual Harassment Act” at Parliament with the reservation of 50% women MR vs. 50% Men MP.

So how National Commission of Women will react towards the demand of 50% reservation at Parliament, before implementing the so called ” Women Sexual Harassment Act” for Corporate people, who have already made the un-written rule in their HR policy to give the women Work force reservation in their organizations more than 50 % towards Indian women ?

By : Swarup Sarkar

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