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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Solution to Stop law misuse and reduce backlog

There are reports of rampant misuse of Feminists made Gender biased laws like Section 498A IPC(Dowry Law) Domestic violence, custody, Maintenance and Divorce; Most of the time men has no say when wife file these cases on men and most of the verdicts goes in…

How to make easy Money in INDIA.

There are many ways to earn money by noble ways or Hard work; but i am not talking about, do a job a get paid for it, but i am writing about how to make easy money more than the work you do, you can…

eMpower Women – Fate of Husbands Parents

It is a known Fact that today’s Modern empowered women do not want to bear the responsibility of their old parents, specially their husbands Parents (In-Laws), Unless they are in possession of some property or fortune which will be theirs upon their Death. Decades ago,…

Notice to Feminists

In India Feminists fight to Equal rights without shoulder equal responsibility of family or society, they demand whatever belongs to them is theirs and husband or mens wealth, minus their problems. When they are relation or marriage they treat men as ATM machine, and some…

Women Reservation..! Are they handicapped ?

Why Indian women want or Brand them self as handicapped or under privileged….? No one stop them from Education or Holding a Job or stand for Election as President of India herself a Women. If anyone is stopping a Girl from attending a School then,…



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