Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.


After terrorising Every Home with Dowry Law and Domestic violence, Which Supreme court itself called “LEGAL TERRORISM“, Which are widely misused as reported by National research Authorities, now these Feminists organisations planning to terrorise and sabatage WORK PLACE too.
We here by request Every Employee who are not henpecked and who has head over their shoulder to post belove written letter by SPEED POST to Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
And do not forget to eMail one copy to “rsc_hrd@sansad. nic.in

You can add your own clause if any.
—————- CUT FROM HERE ——————
Shri N S Walia,
Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat,
Room No 515, 5th Floor,
Parliament House Annexe,
New Delhi – 110001
Ph. – 011- 23034187

To The Honorable Members of Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee

This memorandum is in objection to the bill titled “Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill 2010”.

A Good Law maker always try to make Better laws, which are fool proof for next 100 years, loopholes and bugs fixed even before drafted or implemented, not duplicate of other Laws which avoid waste of judiciary resources and gender neutral and not religion caste or colour biased.

This Bill should not be passed as an Act because it has no validity to be New Law, as it is a total duplicate of already existing Laws of Indian Penal Code.

The existing Sections of 509 and Section 354 are more than capable to cover all instances of sexual harassment at workplace or at any other place for that matter. The brief Description of the sections are given below

Section 509:- Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman.
Section 354:- Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty.

so Any women can approch judiciary for legal remedy with above said Sections of IPC if she is sexually harassed at work Place.

So STOP wasting resources of judiciary in making duplicate laws which are drafted by uneducated people with their own interest and gain.

If this Bill passed as Act;


A Bill conferring upon women the right to protection against sexual harassment and towards that end for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment of women. Whereas Sexual Harassment infringes the fundamental right of a woman to gender equality under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India and her right to life and live with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution which includes a right to a safe environment free from sexual harassment.

There is not a Single civilized Country in the world has such gender biased law as India. Which think only Women are sexually harassed. After terrorizing every household of India with various laws like Dowry harassment and Domestic violence now these Feminists Women Organizations try to make new laws to terrorize only men at Work Place too.

Men employees too are sexually manipulated at work place by his Female managers and other Men who has higher post than him, as well as women are harassed by Female managers who are lesbian. as same sex is not taboo any more in India.

If this Bill is implemented then it should modified as.


So it will avoid any near Future amendment if any and that makes it as Gender neutral too. Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill should thus be made gender neutral so that It does not violate Article 15 of the Constitution which prohibits discrimination on grounds of gender. Moreover, Article 15(3) does not allow women to be exempted for Punishment for committing the same crime as men, such as sexual harassment.

The Act should be made applicable to all employees, irrespective of their gender. The word woman should be replaced by the word employee in all appropriate places in the draft Bill so as to render the proposed draft gender neutral.

Under Definitions of this BILL;

(d) “Committee” means an Internal Complaints Committee constituted under section 4;
(e) “District Officer” means an officer appointed under section 5;
(h) “Local Committee” means the Local Complaints Committee constituted under section 6;
(i) “member” means a member of the Committee or of the Local Committee, as the case may be;

Members of Committee or Officers should not be from same Office or Organization or from gender based organization but from Social service / retired judges / teachers / Professors who are not single or divorced and committee should consist of equal number from both genders. And there should be governing body in every district to complain Against this committee for malpractice or injustice.

Every Working place should have their own enquiry committee, only after their enquiry and proofs any employee can approach Legal Committee for remedy, and this enquiry committee Should held responsible along with accuser if any malpractice or accusation found false.

Complaint to be filled within a month of the incident and enquiry to be done without causing any nuisance in working environment which effect life or working atmosphere of Accused employee unless accusations are proved. It will avoid any embarrassment and mental trauma if employee is falsely accused.

Clause to be added in said Law, as those who found misusing for their own gain or withdraw after fulfilling their demand to be penalized, terminated from job and also made to Pay damage to the victim of false accusation. Only this Clause will STOP all form of misuse of said BILL.

Thanking you


1 thought on “Terrorism at Workplace – SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT WORKPLACE BILL

  1. 17th June 2010. (Revision 2)
    Press Conference: “Sexual Harassment at workplace Law proposal”

    Place: 17th June, Saturday 12:00 to 2:00 PM. Hindi Bhavan Delhi,
    Near Pragati Maidan Metro Station, Vishnu Digambar Marg.
    All are invited to ask questions even anonymously. Followed by lunch.
    Contact: Sandeep Bhartia, President ( 9971117829), Mrs Swarnlata (9711819834 Spokesperson).
    Press Release
    The new proposal focus is on getting money for emotional, mental trouble based on the salary of the man. The judges have to be biased by law (includes 3 feminists) to decide the amount, etc. so in the present form this can result in flood of false complaints for money, revenge etc..
    Our Suggestions about this Law proposal are:
    Point 1: Let judges be neutral and unbiased.
    Our demand is that the construction of complaints committee should be kept the same as in Supreme courts Vishakha Judgement (which is the present law). May be make formation of committee compulsory by Law.
    Presently committee is good to be headed by women & 50% or more members should be women. Complaints Committee should involve a third party, either NGO or other body who is familiar with the issue of sexual harassment. Why is the need to significantly change this local complaint committee by new committee proposal to have 3 women committed to the cause of women (including the head of committee)?
    It is seen in case of Protection officers (in the new Domestic Violence law from 2006), that protection officers are under pressure to give one sided reports to keep their jobs. The posts are reserved for ” women committed to the cause of women”. They sometimes indirectly say that our posts are for 3 years to get this post again we have to say in investigation reports, what is present in the complaint of the women. Similarly the Judges(committee members) should not be made women committed to the cause of women”. This makes Judges (committee members) as biased i.e., they have pressure to give more money for harassment complaint or you can be considered not committed to the cause of women and so lose the committee posts and so Govt. money after 3 years.
    Point 2: Unlimited Money = False complaints.
    The present law proposal says pay money for emotional, mental trouble caused due to sexual harassment at office.
    We think that money compensation should be limited to the actual money loss suffered, like paid leaves, salary loss or medical loss. Unlimited money for emotional trouble will lead to a flood of false complaints, just like in matrimonial disputes wife are asking from all male relatives, for mental trouble Rs 85 lakhs, 10 lakhs etc. in the new law of domestic Violence, section 22. Why not give punishment instead of money. Good women are not so cheap that they want money for sexual harassment; they would rather punish the offender. Unlimited Money = False complaints.
    Point3: Do not kill freedom of press.
    The Law proposal says false complaints cannot be told to public, press and media, and only true complaints can be told. So proposal says if someone is able to prove by video that he was in some other place at the time of allegations, this false complaint can not be told to press. But if say 50 lakhs compentation is given by committee for mental trouble caused to a women employee, the same can be told to press.
    This has long term effect, by legally allowing only one sided information to be passed to the press. The harm is significant, though not so easy to explain. This enables passing of more biased laws since public is exposed to one sided news only, after a few years, like being tried in the new Domestic Violence law. We would like the usual legal procedure i.e, one is allowed to tell both true and false case to press, press can publish after hiding the identity. If this law proposal is accepted, an army of Govt. paid feminists (local committee members) is sure to be formed to fill press with one sided material, to keep their jobs. Whereas no one will be their to provide quality information to press about the other side of the story, like surveys, stats, polished articles, compilation of worst cases etc.
    Point 4. Law drafting should not be controlled by biased by design department ”Ministry of women and Child development”. Gender laws should be drafted by the Law ministry. Clearify inquiry,evidence, appeal procedures in original Law proposal.

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