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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

The Facts of Life

People behave, think, feel, interact, largely through inherited modes of which, individually, from the ’inside’, we are barely aware. Our gender is a huge constellation of ‘automatic’ features which we discover as we go along. We learn from ourselves. If we take notice, that is. Some get to quite advanced years without picking up the necessary cues, or ignore them. To their fatal cost.

Some like Gwyn Edwards. I came across Gwyn in a BBC web article. Here it is, but it will no doubt disappear by the time you get to click on the link so the gist of it is dealt with below. Just as he has.


What happened to Gwyn happened in the UK. It could have been in Australia, America, Canada, anywhere. It could happen to any man.

Ex-prostitute is Guilty of Murder


A former prostitute is facing life in prison after being found guilty of murdering her elderly husband after discovering he was not a wealthy man.

Tatjana Edwards, 27, was convicted at London’s Southwark Crown Court of murdering her husband Gwyn, 72, at their home in Ottershaw, Surrey.

She had admitted stabbing him but told police it was an accident.

As the verdict was announced, Edwards gasped, buried her head in her hands and collapsed, sobbing inconsolably. The jury of four men and eight women took four hours to find her guilty of murdering her husband during a row on 11 June last year. Judge Geoffrey Rivlin said the only sentence he could pass was life imprisonment but he would not do so until Friday. “There are matters I want to think about,” he said. The still-sobbing Edwards was then helped to her feet and led to the cells.

Well, there we go. Poor woman was ‘inconsolable’ and had to be ‘helped’. The Judge had things to think about. And so do we. Let’s look at some of the major features of gender that shine through in this case, illuminating lessons for us all. The ‘female’ of the species behaves, thinks, feels, and interacts in predictable gender ways. So does the male. If we men are to prevail at all in our society, survive even, we must become acutely aware of how women operate. Let’s see how she operated.

Snare Client


The 13-day trial heard that, having turned her back on a “strict” religious upbringing, Estonian-born Tatjana Plotnikova arrived in Britain in April 2002 as a student. She said she ended up being raped and forced into prostitution before eventually escaping her pimp’s clutches. While selling sex for £200 a time at a Hampstead brothel in north London, Edwards set out to snare her client Mr. Edwards, who hinted he was a multi-millionaire, the trial was told. A whirlwind romance was followed by her agreeing to forsake her weekly £6,000 wage for what she thought would be a new life of even greater luxury.

Lying comes naturally for most people but most people try to not lie most of the time. There is a ‘cost’ to lies. Trust and integrity are destroyed. They will lie when they can gain and advantage or escape consequence and they care not for trust or integrity. Not even their own. What her background was is really a matter of conjecture. We certainly can’t trust what she says about her life or her predicaments because she is a liar. A ‘student’ from Estonia, with a ‘strict religious up-binging’, ‘raped’ and ‘forced’ to work in a brothel.

Oh yeh. Poor widdle girl. What a nasty world. So she says. She fucked 30 men a week. ‘Forced’ to, of course for the tiny meager sum of UKP6000 a week. That’s 312,000 a year. By the Lord Harry, you’d think she would be more than happy with that. How many of the patriarchy get 312,000 quid a year for fucking 30 women a week and those oppressed women paying for the privilege? Hands up all you fortunate bastards.

She deployed no skills hard won in an apprenticeship or 20 years of hard work. No developed career. No college degrees, not even with subsidies and preferential selection. She just lay back and thought of Estonia and opened her legs. For a huge sum. But she wanted even more. For even less. So this 27 y/o woman declared ‘love’ for a 72 y/o man. Hah! As if.

Now, women make a great show of ‘Lurve’. They swear by it. It drives theirlives. They say. But it is a lie. The woman’s lie. It is at odds with the fact, the observable, that women with means rarely declare love for poor men, even hunky poor men. Tradesmen. Hunky garbage collectors. She didn’t ‘escape’ from her pimp into the helpful arms of the local chip-shop owner or council electrician. No, she chose someone she thought was rich. Now, why do you think that is? It’s an easy one. It’s in our natures of course. Women want powerful providers. Even ‘Pimps’ fill that role. Better than an honest chip-shop owners with his deep fryers. But many women go too far. They want everything for nothing on their part. They have ‘entitlement issues’. That is far more powerful as a drive. Even the ordinary woman-in-the-street who marries ‘for love’ won’t marry a poor man. If he doesn’t shape up to her expectations, she will berate him. A long, slow death by a thousand sharp words. Men, on the other hand do not care whether a woman is rich and powerful. Men actually ‘Love’ much more. More than women seem able to, by their nature. Men love for love’s sake. They love the woman whatever her station in life or her means. Even a prostitute. Even counter sales girls who have no drive to own and be responsible for the chip-shop. The man doesn’t care what she ‘provides’ as long as she is devoted to him. Loves him. Men seek love and are far too easily led into false love promises by liars. It seems to be in men’s natures, too. It has to be recognised and guarded against.

Men have to change their nature. Or at least gain control over those elements that lead them to their doom. Especially when it comes to women. But not long after moving in to Mr Edwards’s cramped bungalow and going through a modest ceremony at the local register office, she began to realise the truth. The court heard that, as matters spiralled from bad to worse, she “drained” the marketing consultant’s bank account with endless demands for cash, numerous trips abroad and a seemingly insatiable desire for designer clothes and other luxuries. Meanwhile she complained endlessly about his “boring” life, his personal habits and a host of broken promises ranging from a fruitless house hunting exercise to a cancelled breast enhancement operation. Then, almost certainly during a final row about money, she stabbed him in the stomach with a large kitchen knife, Wendy Joseph (prosecuting) said Edwards claimed she had been trying to commit suicide and the knife slipped while her husband struggled to disarm her, but the jury did not believe her. Take, steal, demand, berate, complain. Strip him of his money, his dignity and then his life. Her tits were worth more to her than his life. If she couldn’t have her tits go under the knife, the knife would go into his guts. She went too far. Tut tut.

But is she so different from other women who ‘play the game’ with more subtlety? More guile? It is a difference only of degree rather than kind. The tension between the sexes is based on differing expectations. Love for one’s-self on the one hand, and greed, lies, deception and demeanment on the other, disguised as Lurve’.

Addendum: In the MRM we often hear expressions of preference for prostitutes. Easy sex. Pay and move on. But it is a fool and his money that are soon parted. Prostitutes are sometimes seen as more ‘honest’ than the ordinary woman-in-the-street who marries ‘for love’. They aren’t. They simply take the pleasure of 30 men a week AND the money, a state of play that no man can even consider aspiring to. Then they blame the men.

That’s in their nature too.

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  1. My little sister picked up a knife and attacked me. She almost killed me. Luckily, I caught her hand in time and brought her to face the rest of our family so that they may see what kind of person she is.

    They refused to believe me. I was mad at them.

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